Wednesday, July 10, 2013

...3 weeks later...

We have this guy!!
Robert Lincoln Jack blessed us with his arrival on June 14th! He tipped the scale at 10lbs 6oz and 22 inches long.
He is an absolute angel and we praise God for a healthy baby boy. We treasure and adore him with all our hearts!

My C-section went amazingly well and now having delivered a 10lb 5oz baby completely naturally, and a 10lb 6oz baby via c-section, I can say without a doubt C is the way to go. In no way does this diminish how proud I am of delivering Bowman on my own, nor would I have done things any differently, it's just that the c-section was smoother and easier for everybody involved :) Hallelujah!!

AJ took was able to spend 2 weeks at home and went back to work this week and my parents were her the first week Lincoln was born and did everything with Bowman. They were wonderful an Bowman enjoyed every minute of their attention. 
Lincoln has been eating a lot and gaining an incredible amount of weight, between his 1week and 2 week check ups he gained 10oz in just 7 days. He is a good water and doesn't spit up. 

Bowman loves his new brother and has been good about giving gentle kisses and soft touches. He hasn't tried to pass the basketball to Lincoln yet but I'm sure that ones coming soon!