Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Thirty Eight and Thirty Two

Thirty Eight weeks and one day marks today along with my Thirty Second birthday!

I am bursting with joy and gratitude, appreciating each and every single one of God's blessing in my life. I truly feel like the luckiest lady alive and it's very humbling. 

Mister baby boy is happy where he is, I'm holding steady at 3cm dilated and it would be so great if we made it to next Friday, June 14th which is our scheduled c-section. 

His big brother has started asking "Wheres-a my baby brother?" It's so sweet. 

Our house is coming along well, and we've turned the corner to the home stretch. Our kitchen cabinets will be installed in a little over a week and countertops immediately following. Yaaaaaay!

Ok maybe it still looks like a war-zone but just wait!  Yes we really are crazy, but it's gonna be so great when it's done!!!

I received beaucoup bouquets today!!
So many beautiful flowers I don't know what to do with myself! 

This handsome devil took me for a pedicure and a delish dinner, (a great date-night combo we picked up from our dear friends Renzi and LeeAnne:)

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