Monday, March 11, 2013

Sunday park and market

Yesterday morning was pretty awesome!  We left home at 8 and headed to a super cool park that we dont visit very often because it's not within walking distance from our house.  It's got at least a million dollars worth of amazing playground equipment, and of course a basketball court :) I am obsessed with these photos of Bowman on the swing, his smile.. his face.. they melt my heart.  I can't stop myself from looking at them over and over :)

B played for about an hour and then walked across the street to the farmers market.  (I should clarify- AJ and Bowman walked, I hobbled. My pain is getting worse and worse each day.)

Bowman enjoyed a view of the farmers market from his daddy's shoulders, as I hobbled around making our fruit and veggie selections.  My cute guys:

As we went through, B sampled my purchases, we are lucky he isnt a picky eater, the trick is getting him to hold still in order to actually eat.

A fun time was had by all, it was a great Sunday morning!

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