Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lullaby for 2

Every evening I sing Bowman a lullaby to sleep, it's very simple, I made it up myself not thinking anything of it but now he asks for it every single night which is actually very sweet.  and it works like a charm I tell ya, the kid is out cold in 3 minutes or less! Well as it turns out, Bowman isn't the only little one that likes mama's lullaby- I noticed that new baby really seems to start kicking and moving about 20 seconds after I start singing the lullaby.  At first I though it was coincidence but it happens each and every time!  So new baby either likes it, or he's telling me to knock off the racket- my singing voice is by no means awesome :)  Either way, I find it to be very cute and it makes me smile.

I find B so irresistibly angelic when he's asleep I always have to snap a picture, but then I feel kinda like a stalker or something. Anyway here's my stalker-mom photos of my precious boy sleeping like an angel :)

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