Monday, March 11, 2013

Go Kings!!

AJ took B to see the Kings play on Sunday evening, this is one of Bowman's absolute favorite things to do.
He calls the games "Defense" (because of the crowd's "defense" chant) and tells us all the time "I wanna go see defense please! Ok! let's go!!"
He was a good little Kings fan on Sunday night, but this was after a month break from going to the games. AJ was taking him about once per week, sometimes twice and he eventually started refusing to sit in their seats and spent the majority of the time running around the arena, and climbing the stairs all the way to the very top, pretty exhausting for AJ!
But this time he did a great job of staying in his seat like a big boy, and watched the game with his dada :) Go Kings!!

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  1. Thanks for friending me on bloggy moms! You have a stunning family. Great to e-meet you. :)