Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter Eggs

One evening this week I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for Bowman's very first try with Easter Egg coloring! I always LOVED this when I was little and I felt like chances were pretty good that he'd be into it. AJ was out of town and I needed a low-key activity for B so eggs it was!

He was excited and very into it. He helped to pour the vinegar into the dye cups and loved plopping the dye tablets into each cup and watching them bubble and fizz.
He also did a good job dropping an egg into each color. So far so good!!

We took all the beautiful colored eggs out of the dye and set them each into the carton, we marveled at all the pretty colored eggs! He of course immediately wanted to peel one.

Well, one turned into two and two turned into three. I soon realized he had no intention of stopping until each egg was peeled! Our sweet little Easter Egg coloring turned into an Easter Egg slaughter as Bowman pillaged our carton of pretty little eggs one by one! There was nothing I could do to stop him, my man was on a mission that ended in a big colorful pile of mangled eggs.

Once I gave in and quit trying to stop him, the disaster was hilarious! He was an Easter monster!
And boy did he have FUN!

Ho-humm :) things don't always go as we envision but as long as its fun who cares!!

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