Friday, March 8, 2013

A special visit

We had a visit from my parents last week.  They spent the first part of the week visiting their office in San Fran and then headed our way on Thursday afternoon and stayed until Sunday.  Bowman was absolutely over the moon upon the sight of them.  It was so nice to have them here, and it breaks my heart every time they have to leave.  Bowman adores them so very much I wish he got to see them more often.  They are two of his most favorite people in the whole world!

This was Bowman's ritual each morning when he went in to wake them up.  One-by-one he brought each and every one of his balls into their room and put them on the bed next to Beba. We have no idea what this was about other than they are his prized possessions :)

Beba and PeepPop got to spend a lot of time playing with B, they did a great job keeping up with him, and I'm sure he wore them out but they didn't let it show.

They made several trips to the huge park in our neighborhood.  Here's a photo my dad took at the park.  The cherry trees are in bloom!

I really hope they'll be back to see us soon, but they are so busy there's a good chance it won't be until June when they'll have TWO grand-boys to visit!!

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  1. K so I can't get over how well he sits in that bike, or how big he looks going "wee!" BUT I love that I know his clothing well enough to know he's still wearing his baby shorts. Those long legs! Love him, and all of you, especially Beba and PeepPop.