Wednesday, March 20, 2013

27 Weeks along!

27 weeks marks the third trimester! 13 weeks still sounds like a long time to wait until we get to meet our new little man but I know it will be here before we know it.

Things are going fairly well, the bed rest really seems to be helping. The pain was getting worse and worse with each day and now it seems to have plateaued because I'm resting! I literally am laying down all day which is a lot easier than it sounds because it hurts to move around very much.

I had my 2-hour blood glucose screening today which is never an awesome experience. We'll find out the results at next weeks prenatal appointment. This test screens for gestational diabetes risk so my fingers are crossed for good results, high levels are a risk. The last time I did this during Bowman's pregnancy my blood sugar levels were low and they had a talk with me about me how to make sure to keep my levels a little higher. We'll see!

Bowman has been saying something recently that really had us scratching our heads and took us a few days to figure out. He was repeatedly talking about"Ah-Vee-Air!" (Sounds a lot like The name Javier but without the "h" sound) AJ and I were asking each other who the heck is Javier?? Seriously we were hearing "Ah-Vee-Air this and Ah-Vee-Air that" from Bowman, and wondering what in the world??? Well finally I made the traslation! What Bowman's actually saying is "over there". So the cute mystery of Ah-Vee-Air has now been solved :-)

27 week belly shot taken in the bathroom at the blood lab, because what else did I have to do during the TWO hour wait for blood draws!

Here's a photo of our sweet guy from his little Montessori class weekly newsletter :) Concentration hard at work!

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