Saturday, March 16, 2013

26 Weeks

Well, I'm behind on my 26-week post because this week my OB put me on official bed rest due to Severe Symphysis Diastasis. The joint in my pelvis has separated so severely that the more I'm up and about, the further it will separate and the less likely it will go back after having this baby boy, which would mean a surgery involving a steel plate and screws and nothing I want any part of!! This is the last of the woes I will share about this topic; I have had one gigantic baby and the second gigantic baby is breaking my body worse than the first did!! The great news is that when I'm laying down the pain is reduced by about 80 percent. I started bed rest on Tuesday and it hasn't really been so bad. I surprisingly haven't watched a lick of tv, but have spent half the time reading and half the time napping. I'm embarrassed to say that I haven't read for pleasure/leisure in a loooooooong long very long time. I've finished 2 books in 4 days!

In other news, this week Bowman decided to refuse to wear pants. I mean flat out screaming thrashing refusal. This came completely out of the blue, I had no idea where this was coming from. When I was finally able to coax him into his pants, he then refused socks & shoes!! So put them in my purse and loaded him into the car barefoot and off to school we went.
When we got to school and into his classroom, to my relief I saw one of the other little ones wearing her shirt, diaper and rain boots... No pants!
Ah-ha! That's where he was getting it! The children use tiny potties in the classroom and often they opt not to put their pants back on, which is acceptable in a potty-training environment (unbeknownst to moi). Anyway it all suddenly made sense.
Here's my shoeless wonder in the car on our way to school...
(Once we're in the school parking lot, he lets me put socks & shoes on, no problem! That's 2.5 for ya!)

...and what I haven't mentioned yet is that AJ was out of town this week!! Oklahoma City, Atlanta and Orlando, poor dada is exhausted!! Lucky guy got to sneak in some time with his godson, Walker Stone. Seriously, how ADORABLE is this???

Here is our Mr. Adorable man this week:
He loves "sparkle" (carbonation), here we have a Sprite Zero and an organic cherry cream soda. Don't judge!

Mr. Sunshine!


  1. My poor dear friend! And your body! Thinking of you and wish happy thoughts for you:-)

  2. No judgement, Graham LOVES coke. He even told our pediatrician at his last well visit. Grrrrrrrreat!