Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter Eggs

One evening this week I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for Bowman's very first try with Easter Egg coloring! I always LOVED this when I was little and I felt like chances were pretty good that he'd be into it. AJ was out of town and I needed a low-key activity for B so eggs it was!

He was excited and very into it. He helped to pour the vinegar into the dye cups and loved plopping the dye tablets into each cup and watching them bubble and fizz.
He also did a good job dropping an egg into each color. So far so good!!

We took all the beautiful colored eggs out of the dye and set them each into the carton, we marveled at all the pretty colored eggs! He of course immediately wanted to peel one.

Well, one turned into two and two turned into three. I soon realized he had no intention of stopping until each egg was peeled! Our sweet little Easter Egg coloring turned into an Easter Egg slaughter as Bowman pillaged our carton of pretty little eggs one by one! There was nothing I could do to stop him, my man was on a mission that ended in a big colorful pile of mangled eggs.

Once I gave in and quit trying to stop him, the disaster was hilarious! He was an Easter monster!
And boy did he have FUN!

Ho-humm :) things don't always go as we envision but as long as its fun who cares!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mini-Man's got some grooves

Bowman wanted to "drive the car" yesterday evening as we were getting ready to go to dinner. This is what ensued...

I have no idea how he knows the words but the guy was rockin' out!!
Yeah, he's not getting his license until he's thirty!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

27 Weeks along!

27 weeks marks the third trimester! 13 weeks still sounds like a long time to wait until we get to meet our new little man but I know it will be here before we know it.

Things are going fairly well, the bed rest really seems to be helping. The pain was getting worse and worse with each day and now it seems to have plateaued because I'm resting! I literally am laying down all day which is a lot easier than it sounds because it hurts to move around very much.

I had my 2-hour blood glucose screening today which is never an awesome experience. We'll find out the results at next weeks prenatal appointment. This test screens for gestational diabetes risk so my fingers are crossed for good results, high levels are a risk. The last time I did this during Bowman's pregnancy my blood sugar levels were low and they had a talk with me about me how to make sure to keep my levels a little higher. We'll see!

Bowman has been saying something recently that really had us scratching our heads and took us a few days to figure out. He was repeatedly talking about"Ah-Vee-Air!" (Sounds a lot like The name Javier but without the "h" sound) AJ and I were asking each other who the heck is Javier?? Seriously we were hearing "Ah-Vee-Air this and Ah-Vee-Air that" from Bowman, and wondering what in the world??? Well finally I made the traslation! What Bowman's actually saying is "over there". So the cute mystery of Ah-Vee-Air has now been solved :-)

27 week belly shot taken in the bathroom at the blood lab, because what else did I have to do during the TWO hour wait for blood draws!

Here's a photo of our sweet guy from his little Montessori class weekly newsletter :) Concentration hard at work!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lullaby for 2

Every evening I sing Bowman a lullaby to sleep, it's very simple, I made it up myself not thinking anything of it but now he asks for it every single night which is actually very sweet.  and it works like a charm I tell ya, the kid is out cold in 3 minutes or less! Well as it turns out, Bowman isn't the only little one that likes mama's lullaby- I noticed that new baby really seems to start kicking and moving about 20 seconds after I start singing the lullaby.  At first I though it was coincidence but it happens each and every time!  So new baby either likes it, or he's telling me to knock off the racket- my singing voice is by no means awesome :)  Either way, I find it to be very cute and it makes me smile.

I find B so irresistibly angelic when he's asleep I always have to snap a picture, but then I feel kinda like a stalker or something. Anyway here's my stalker-mom photos of my precious boy sleeping like an angel :)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

26 Weeks

Well, I'm behind on my 26-week post because this week my OB put me on official bed rest due to Severe Symphysis Diastasis. The joint in my pelvis has separated so severely that the more I'm up and about, the further it will separate and the less likely it will go back after having this baby boy, which would mean a surgery involving a steel plate and screws and nothing I want any part of!! This is the last of the woes I will share about this topic; I have had one gigantic baby and the second gigantic baby is breaking my body worse than the first did!! The great news is that when I'm laying down the pain is reduced by about 80 percent. I started bed rest on Tuesday and it hasn't really been so bad. I surprisingly haven't watched a lick of tv, but have spent half the time reading and half the time napping. I'm embarrassed to say that I haven't read for pleasure/leisure in a loooooooong long very long time. I've finished 2 books in 4 days!

In other news, this week Bowman decided to refuse to wear pants. I mean flat out screaming thrashing refusal. This came completely out of the blue, I had no idea where this was coming from. When I was finally able to coax him into his pants, he then refused socks & shoes!! So put them in my purse and loaded him into the car barefoot and off to school we went.
When we got to school and into his classroom, to my relief I saw one of the other little ones wearing her shirt, diaper and rain boots... No pants!
Ah-ha! That's where he was getting it! The children use tiny potties in the classroom and often they opt not to put their pants back on, which is acceptable in a potty-training environment (unbeknownst to moi). Anyway it all suddenly made sense.
Here's my shoeless wonder in the car on our way to school...
(Once we're in the school parking lot, he lets me put socks & shoes on, no problem! That's 2.5 for ya!)

...and what I haven't mentioned yet is that AJ was out of town this week!! Oklahoma City, Atlanta and Orlando, poor dada is exhausted!! Lucky guy got to sneak in some time with his godson, Walker Stone. Seriously, how ADORABLE is this???

Here is our Mr. Adorable man this week:
He loves "sparkle" (carbonation), here we have a Sprite Zero and an organic cherry cream soda. Don't judge!

Mr. Sunshine!

This guy

Puts me into cute-overload on a daily basis!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Go Kings!!

AJ took B to see the Kings play on Sunday evening, this is one of Bowman's absolute favorite things to do.
He calls the games "Defense" (because of the crowd's "defense" chant) and tells us all the time "I wanna go see defense please! Ok! let's go!!"
He was a good little Kings fan on Sunday night, but this was after a month break from going to the games. AJ was taking him about once per week, sometimes twice and he eventually started refusing to sit in their seats and spent the majority of the time running around the arena, and climbing the stairs all the way to the very top, pretty exhausting for AJ!
But this time he did a great job of staying in his seat like a big boy, and watched the game with his dada :) Go Kings!!

Sunday park and market

Yesterday morning was pretty awesome!  We left home at 8 and headed to a super cool park that we dont visit very often because it's not within walking distance from our house.  It's got at least a million dollars worth of amazing playground equipment, and of course a basketball court :) I am obsessed with these photos of Bowman on the swing, his smile.. his face.. they melt my heart.  I can't stop myself from looking at them over and over :)

B played for about an hour and then walked across the street to the farmers market.  (I should clarify- AJ and Bowman walked, I hobbled. My pain is getting worse and worse each day.)

Bowman enjoyed a view of the farmers market from his daddy's shoulders, as I hobbled around making our fruit and veggie selections.  My cute guys:

As we went through, B sampled my purchases, we are lucky he isnt a picky eater, the trick is getting him to hold still in order to actually eat.

A fun time was had by all, it was a great Sunday morning!

Friday, March 8, 2013

A special visit

We had a visit from my parents last week.  They spent the first part of the week visiting their office in San Fran and then headed our way on Thursday afternoon and stayed until Sunday.  Bowman was absolutely over the moon upon the sight of them.  It was so nice to have them here, and it breaks my heart every time they have to leave.  Bowman adores them so very much I wish he got to see them more often.  They are two of his most favorite people in the whole world!

This was Bowman's ritual each morning when he went in to wake them up.  One-by-one he brought each and every one of his balls into their room and put them on the bed next to Beba. We have no idea what this was about other than they are his prized possessions :)

Beba and PeepPop got to spend a lot of time playing with B, they did a great job keeping up with him, and I'm sure he wore them out but they didn't let it show.

They made several trips to the huge park in our neighborhood.  Here's a photo my dad took at the park.  The cherry trees are in bloom!

I really hope they'll be back to see us soon, but they are so busy there's a good chance it won't be until June when they'll have TWO grand-boys to visit!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What rules the roost?

"Play baska-ball!!"

Santa brought Bowman this hoop for Christmas, and it remains in our foyer, we don't dare move it. We'll just have to buy a second one for outside!

AJ thought I was crazy when the box arrived- such a big hoop for a two year old, but I knew the sissy little tike playschool hoop wasn't doing him justice. He needed a much taller hoop he wouldn't be able to muscle to the ground that would be a challenge for him, something to "shoot" for (no pun intended:).
I knew it would only be a matter of a short time until he could make baskets on this hoop set at 6-feet, and I was right.

If you're ever looking for Bowman in our house, here's where you're sure to find him! Most mornings it's the first thing out of his mouth upon waking, "Play baska-ball please! Let's go play hoops!"

25 Weeks

I had my pre-natal appointment yesterday, 25 weeks on the dot. Everything looks good for baby, great heart beat and my belly is growing as it should. I was worried because based on photos of my first pregnancy with Bowman, my belly at 25 weeks now looks like it did at or 29 weeks before. The doctor reassured me this is normal with second pregnancy, and not to worry baby is doing great. I'm just having a really difficult time with pain so we'll stay tuned and see how it goes, but I may have to start spending a lot more time lying down. Sounds like I need to start a reading list! Baby is moving so much which makes me smile as I'm reminded of the precious miracle growing in there safe and sound.