Thursday, February 28, 2013


On Sunday evening AJ told me he thought Bowman was ready for his first trip to the golf range. This is something we've been looking forward to doing with Bowman but until we knew he had developed enough self restraint to not go charging full speed ahead from the driving green out in to lethal ball territory there was no way we were taking him. So AJ decided the time had come and off we went.
We brought a few of Bowman's toy clubs along with AJ's clubs so Bowman could watch how Dada hit the ball and then try for himself. First off, it was amazing to see Bowman walk onto the little driving green for the first time and immediately pick up the ball from where it pops up to be hit on the right hand side, and on his own turned and placed it to his left. We have a little lefty just like his daddy! That was just interesting to see that innate preference emerge. So all was fine and great until Bowman saw AJ's "real" irons, and immediately would have nothing to do with his plastic toy clubs. He only wanted to use Dada's clubs which happen to be about 5-feet long and speaking of dangerous, I don't recommend approaching a 2.5 year old wielding a giant iron unless wearing protective gear :-)  As soon as Bowman took one whack of a club onto the concrete, it was all over, I'm not a golfer but based on AJ's cringe I'm guessing that's a good way to ruin a custom club! AJ scooped up Bowman in his arms and told me they'd be right back. Off to the pro-shop they went and about 15 minutes later they returned. They returned equipped with a real deal teensey weensey golf-bag containing 3 REAL irons and a putter, every bit like AJ's only extraordinarily miniature. This set of irons with the bag is seriously one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Bowman was SO excited to have his own tiny clubs to use and all was grand!
It's crucial to have 2 adults present for such a little person's first few visits to a driving range because it can quickly be a very dangerous place with just a few steps in the wrong direction (behind another person in mid-swing, or out into the range with balls flying- both of which could be lethal), if we had another baby or small child there's no way we'd have been able to do this with Bowman. We would have had to wait until he's older.  It will be a great activity for AJ and Bowman to continue once new baby arrives.  One of my biggest worries is making sure Bowman still gets plenty of one-on-one attention after the arrival of his little brother and he'll love to go golf with his daddy :) ...and some day his little brother will have 2 teachers!

(Here they are arriving, plastic club in hand)

(Taking his first swing, after he placed the ball on the left side)

(Here he is with one of the new tiny irons, dada helping him to use it correctly)

(Leaving the range; my favorite photo of the evening.  Big and little with their bags.) 

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