Monday, February 11, 2013

Montessori School (and hard-boiled eggs)

Bowman finished his first transition week into his new Montessori School. We are so lucky he was accepted, they have a typical one to two year wait list I thought we would be just putting his name on the list when we made our appointment to tour.  However, youd never believe the circumstances we encountered!  By a miracle it turned out the school's admissions director was a teacher at AJ's elementary school in very small town in Oklahoma, she taught there at the same time he was a student!! She told us she felt like we were family and she had  spot opening to offer us if we wanted.  WOW!!  The school is accredited by the Assiciation Montessori Internationale, which is the institution Maria Montessori herself founded which ensures proper Montessori method is being followed.  If you are ever looking for a Montessori school, make sure the school is accredited by either AMI (Association Montessori Internationale, or AMS (American Montessori Society), it's unfortunate the "Montessori" name is not trademarked so anybody can call themselves Montessori without truly being so, very misleading.

He did great during his first week, his class has 9 children including Bowman, his teacher and an assistant.  His teacher is wonderful and really knows her stuff in working with these little guys.  She has a Masters in education and early childhood development along with the required AMI certificates.  In just a few days we've seen so many new things from Bowman.  I love Montessori because of the confidence and independence it fosters in children from such a young age.  AJ and I plan to keep Bowman in a Montessori program through the 6th grade.   

 In the classroom, there is a little refrigerator with snacks in it.  The children can help themselves anytime.  One of the choices is a carton of hard-boiled eggs.  Bowman came home and pulled the carton of eggs (which were NOT boiled) out of our fridge and was adamantly telling me "Wanna do an egg mama, wanna do an egg please"  Ummmm, how do I explain to a 2.5 year old that these eggs aren't cooked? Impossible.  So I got out a bowl and let him crack an egg, which was a big surprise to him.  We talked about it being slimy and squishy and he was ok with putting the rest of the eggs back.  That evening after he was asleep, you betcha I boiled them all  of those eggs! The next morning I told him he could peel an egg, and happily peeled one.  He then ended up carrying several hard-boiled eggs around the house and finally settled on just one.  He told me he wanted it to have a hat and hair, so I went ahead and drew a smiley face too.  He named it "Lil'baby Egg Jonathan" and carried it ALL DAY! it was pretty amusing and adorable :)

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