Monday, February 25, 2013


We had a super-fun time vacationing in Arizona!  Bowman was a champ on the airplane which was only 2 hours thank goodness- and no airplane throw-up! He has flown a lot in his 2.5 years and has done well except for our trip to Hawaii last February when he threw-up half way through the 5 hours flight, and also on the way home :) it was awesome.  I vowed it would be a looooooong time before I flew with him again, and I did a pretty good job sticking to my vow (poor guy, it turned out he had an ear infection that was the culprit of those difficult flights). He only had trouble when it was time to turn off electronic devices (iPad) and put up the tray tables- and so just at that time I would pull a brand new toy out of my carry-on which kept him happily distracted until the take-off or landing were complete.

We arrived in Phoenix and headed straight to Tucson to visit the Baron family, our dear friends from when we lived in Tucson almost 6 years ago.  None of us had kiddos back then so it was such a delight to spend time together with our children playing around us.  They have the sweetest 5.5 year old little boy, Jake and precious daughter Mia who is about to turn 3.  (during our visit Jake gave Bowman a special hand-me-down; his red Lightening McQueen hat shown in the photos! Bowman was hardly without it the entire trip and is still wearing it constantly!)

We had such a fun time seeing the Baron's and we were sad to leave, wishing we could see them more often. Don't you just wish there were a way to live near ALL of your most favorite people at once, so you'd be able to see them all the time? I sure do!

We also go to visit our old house that we built and moved into just after our first year of marriage. It was such a beautiful home, we designed everything about it and it was nice to see it is still looking great. The landscaping has matured and grown in so well, I hand selected each and every plant and tree and the new owners are taking great care of it all.

One of the mornings while I was at the spa, AJ and Bowman drove around to check up on the rental houses we still own in town. At Bowman's insistence they had to stop at the playground in each neighborhood and check things out...

On Thursday morning we packed up, left Tucson and headed back to Phoenix to get checked into the Arizona Biltmore where we'd be meeting more of our best friends, the Stone family! The Biltmore was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright himself and is an AMAZING place.  The architecture is truly timeless and iconic. Sure the rooms have been very well updated since the resort was built in 1928 but all of the original design and architecture has been so well preserved. The layout of the place is awesome with a gigantic lawn through the middle of the resort, a grande promenade with the rooms in 3-story structures and cottages all around. ALL in the original cast masonry block with such an amazing deco pattern through out.  I ogled in awe the entire time; the architect was an aesthetic genius of his day, and remains so nearly 100 years later. Incredible.
(Below is the amazing Frank Lloyd Wright glass sculpture in the lobby, it's incredible to see in person- impossible to capture via iphone camera)
(a detailed view of some of the cast masonry block that is throughout the resort, along with incredible milk-glass blocks that illuminate in the evening)

Renzi and Lee Anne arrived with their two boys; Jackson is 5.5 years old and (not so) baby Walker is a few days from 1 year old!!! Walker is AJ's godson, we love this family to pieces.
Everybody jumped in the pool as soon as possible, and pretty much stayed there for the most part.  The resort has about 7 pools on the property, we stuck to the shallow children's pool and the main pool with bungalows and a fun water slide.

Walker got in some hoop time in the pool cabana.  He is SO ADORABLE!!!
Look at him in his little swim suit! I just want to gobble him up, cutest guy ever!

Bowman ADORED Jackson (aka "Jas-kin" as Bowman called him) and Jackson was very sweet and tolerant of Bowman :)  After all, this is not their first adventure together (they spent 2 weeks in France together in June/July 2011!). On another note, Bowman must have had so much fun with his buddy Jake in Tucson that he decided to call Renzi, "Jake" the entire time, and occasionally he called him "dada" it was pretty hilarious; "Jake where going? Hey Jake! Wait!"
We had a great view from our balcony, here are my guys checking things out, and I'm enjoying the cute view of my own. Baby-bunners!!
It was a WONDERFUL TRIP and we left feeling so grateful for wonderful friends in our lives! We love you Baron's and Stone's!!

I now leave you with a video of AJ and Bowman going down the water slide.  This is what you get with a very tall, very cautious daddy of a 2.5 year old with ear-tubes.  Who knew it was possible to go down a water slide without encountering nary a drop of water! Even with his arms outstretched the child never touches the water. Hilarious!

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