Wednesday, February 20, 2013

23 Weeks

Week 22 was awesome!  We spent the week vacationing in Arizona and had a wonderful time.  Bowman was an absolute doll the entire time.  He was so excited to fly on the airplane, to visit with friends and "go on adventure!" as he calls it.  I will share photos soon.

We have decided on a name for Bowman's baby brother, but it's a secret for now :)  A quick belly-selfie snapped in the elevator mirror.  I'm having a hard time remembering, to take a weekly belly photo.  With Bowman, AJ and I took a new photo on the first day of each new week of pregnancy.  Life is so different now than it was then and I apparently have fewer braincells to remember to take a photo of my growing belly! I hope I can remember because it's special to be able to look back at the progression.

 I am definitely going through nervous emotions about having 2 children. The side of me that fears change is rearing it's head. I'm typically pretty happy-go-lucky but parenting ONE child has been a giant undertaking as any first-time parent knows well.  I've been told becoming a second-time parent is no easier, and actually harder in many aspects! As far as change goes, a new baby is about as major as it gets.
I'm working on coping as the feelings emerge by making a conscious effort to stay on a positive track of thinking.  Each time I feel myself falling into an "Oh no! What if...! How am in going to...?" cycle of thoughts, I stop myself and replace those worries with positive imagery of two precious, sweet, healthy boys that love each other and love their mama & dada!  THAT is my eye on the prize and the big picture that I'm so looking forward to!!
It's the unknown details of how in the world I/we will make it all work, that bog me down if I allow them to.  The reality is that no amount of fretting over the minutia will accomplish anything for me right now.  I can't figure it all out in advance but I can certainly help to reduce the future-stress by making an effort to identify my areas of concern and work with AJ to plan for how we will handle them. I know that the majority of what we "plan" for how we think things will be, is going to go out the window once new baby is here, but hopefully it will help...even just a little?

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