Thursday, February 28, 2013


On Sunday evening AJ told me he thought Bowman was ready for his first trip to the golf range. This is something we've been looking forward to doing with Bowman but until we knew he had developed enough self restraint to not go charging full speed ahead from the driving green out in to lethal ball territory there was no way we were taking him. So AJ decided the time had come and off we went.
We brought a few of Bowman's toy clubs along with AJ's clubs so Bowman could watch how Dada hit the ball and then try for himself. First off, it was amazing to see Bowman walk onto the little driving green for the first time and immediately pick up the ball from where it pops up to be hit on the right hand side, and on his own turned and placed it to his left. We have a little lefty just like his daddy! That was just interesting to see that innate preference emerge. So all was fine and great until Bowman saw AJ's "real" irons, and immediately would have nothing to do with his plastic toy clubs. He only wanted to use Dada's clubs which happen to be about 5-feet long and speaking of dangerous, I don't recommend approaching a 2.5 year old wielding a giant iron unless wearing protective gear :-)  As soon as Bowman took one whack of a club onto the concrete, it was all over, I'm not a golfer but based on AJ's cringe I'm guessing that's a good way to ruin a custom club! AJ scooped up Bowman in his arms and told me they'd be right back. Off to the pro-shop they went and about 15 minutes later they returned. They returned equipped with a real deal teensey weensey golf-bag containing 3 REAL irons and a putter, every bit like AJ's only extraordinarily miniature. This set of irons with the bag is seriously one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Bowman was SO excited to have his own tiny clubs to use and all was grand!
It's crucial to have 2 adults present for such a little person's first few visits to a driving range because it can quickly be a very dangerous place with just a few steps in the wrong direction (behind another person in mid-swing, or out into the range with balls flying- both of which could be lethal), if we had another baby or small child there's no way we'd have been able to do this with Bowman. We would have had to wait until he's older.  It will be a great activity for AJ and Bowman to continue once new baby arrives.  One of my biggest worries is making sure Bowman still gets plenty of one-on-one attention after the arrival of his little brother and he'll love to go golf with his daddy :) ...and some day his little brother will have 2 teachers!

(Here they are arriving, plastic club in hand)

(Taking his first swing, after he placed the ball on the left side)

(Here he is with one of the new tiny irons, dada helping him to use it correctly)

(Leaving the range; my favorite photo of the evening.  Big and little with their bags.) 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

24 Weeks!

Somethings don't change! B2 has discovered an affinity for my right side rib-cage which was also Bowman's favorite place to practice kung-fu, jiu-jitsu, capoeira or whatever it is that's going on in there.  Right now it mainly tickles but I'm bracing myself for the major jabs that are coming my way within a few weeks as he puts on weight.  He's a lively guy just like his brother was :)

Here's the 24-week bump. The best I can do is snap a photo in the restroom at work, oh well you get the idea- it's big! 

I'm bigger now than I was at 24 weeks with Bowman. All of the difficult symptoms I started to experience toward the end of my pregnancy with Bowman seem to be coming on a lot earlier with this one, it's as though my body is saying "You're really doing this AGAIN?!" yep I am, and I have to be very careful.  I feel very fragile, and I spend a lot of time lying down; thanks to a wonderful husband and nanny that are picking up the slack for in terms of all the activity with Bowman that I'm just physically unable to do.  During my first pregnancy I discovered that I am one of the unlucky women who's body is highly sensitive to a hormone  released during pregnancy which has the effect of slightly softening pelvic joints in preparation for childbirth.  My joints do not soften "slightly", they fall apart. Pregnancy literally breaks me! My pelvis is literally separating and it is intensely painful, stabbing pain that has really increased this week.  It didn't start with Bowman until I was 7 months along, this time it showed up at 4.5 months and has been slowly building in intensity.  I hate to sound cliché, but truly it's all worth it in the end for another sweet baby boy!!And in the meantime everybody around me gets to hear Queen Bee complain non-stop :)))

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Little person BIG dreams!

Our very own inspirational poster!
This is one of my favorite all-time photos of Bowman, taken by AJ while we were in Arizona.  The caption speaks for itself.
When I look at this I'm reminded that there is nothing more than time, effort and FAITH between us and WHATEVER we aspire to accomplish in life.
Little B and the giant hoop show a perfect example of this; it is only a matter of time before he's dunking that ball like nobody's business if that's what he dreams of doing!

Monday, February 25, 2013


We had a super-fun time vacationing in Arizona!  Bowman was a champ on the airplane which was only 2 hours thank goodness- and no airplane throw-up! He has flown a lot in his 2.5 years and has done well except for our trip to Hawaii last February when he threw-up half way through the 5 hours flight, and also on the way home :) it was awesome.  I vowed it would be a looooooong time before I flew with him again, and I did a pretty good job sticking to my vow (poor guy, it turned out he had an ear infection that was the culprit of those difficult flights). He only had trouble when it was time to turn off electronic devices (iPad) and put up the tray tables- and so just at that time I would pull a brand new toy out of my carry-on which kept him happily distracted until the take-off or landing were complete.

We arrived in Phoenix and headed straight to Tucson to visit the Baron family, our dear friends from when we lived in Tucson almost 6 years ago.  None of us had kiddos back then so it was such a delight to spend time together with our children playing around us.  They have the sweetest 5.5 year old little boy, Jake and precious daughter Mia who is about to turn 3.  (during our visit Jake gave Bowman a special hand-me-down; his red Lightening McQueen hat shown in the photos! Bowman was hardly without it the entire trip and is still wearing it constantly!)

We had such a fun time seeing the Baron's and we were sad to leave, wishing we could see them more often. Don't you just wish there were a way to live near ALL of your most favorite people at once, so you'd be able to see them all the time? I sure do!

We also go to visit our old house that we built and moved into just after our first year of marriage. It was such a beautiful home, we designed everything about it and it was nice to see it is still looking great. The landscaping has matured and grown in so well, I hand selected each and every plant and tree and the new owners are taking great care of it all.

One of the mornings while I was at the spa, AJ and Bowman drove around to check up on the rental houses we still own in town. At Bowman's insistence they had to stop at the playground in each neighborhood and check things out...

On Thursday morning we packed up, left Tucson and headed back to Phoenix to get checked into the Arizona Biltmore where we'd be meeting more of our best friends, the Stone family! The Biltmore was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright himself and is an AMAZING place.  The architecture is truly timeless and iconic. Sure the rooms have been very well updated since the resort was built in 1928 but all of the original design and architecture has been so well preserved. The layout of the place is awesome with a gigantic lawn through the middle of the resort, a grande promenade with the rooms in 3-story structures and cottages all around. ALL in the original cast masonry block with such an amazing deco pattern through out.  I ogled in awe the entire time; the architect was an aesthetic genius of his day, and remains so nearly 100 years later. Incredible.
(Below is the amazing Frank Lloyd Wright glass sculpture in the lobby, it's incredible to see in person- impossible to capture via iphone camera)
(a detailed view of some of the cast masonry block that is throughout the resort, along with incredible milk-glass blocks that illuminate in the evening)

Renzi and Lee Anne arrived with their two boys; Jackson is 5.5 years old and (not so) baby Walker is a few days from 1 year old!!! Walker is AJ's godson, we love this family to pieces.
Everybody jumped in the pool as soon as possible, and pretty much stayed there for the most part.  The resort has about 7 pools on the property, we stuck to the shallow children's pool and the main pool with bungalows and a fun water slide.

Walker got in some hoop time in the pool cabana.  He is SO ADORABLE!!!
Look at him in his little swim suit! I just want to gobble him up, cutest guy ever!

Bowman ADORED Jackson (aka "Jas-kin" as Bowman called him) and Jackson was very sweet and tolerant of Bowman :)  After all, this is not their first adventure together (they spent 2 weeks in France together in June/July 2011!). On another note, Bowman must have had so much fun with his buddy Jake in Tucson that he decided to call Renzi, "Jake" the entire time, and occasionally he called him "dada" it was pretty hilarious; "Jake where going? Hey Jake! Wait!"
We had a great view from our balcony, here are my guys checking things out, and I'm enjoying the cute view of my own. Baby-bunners!!
It was a WONDERFUL TRIP and we left feeling so grateful for wonderful friends in our lives! We love you Baron's and Stone's!!

I now leave you with a video of AJ and Bowman going down the water slide.  This is what you get with a very tall, very cautious daddy of a 2.5 year old with ear-tubes.  Who knew it was possible to go down a water slide without encountering nary a drop of water! Even with his arms outstretched the child never touches the water. Hilarious!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Another one...

Soon I'm going to have another one of these!!!!!

This is Bowman at 8 weeks old. I love this pic of him and can't stop looking at it over and over. He was so sweet right from the start. We can't WAIT to meet his brother!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

23 Weeks

Week 22 was awesome!  We spent the week vacationing in Arizona and had a wonderful time.  Bowman was an absolute doll the entire time.  He was so excited to fly on the airplane, to visit with friends and "go on adventure!" as he calls it.  I will share photos soon.

We have decided on a name for Bowman's baby brother, but it's a secret for now :)  A quick belly-selfie snapped in the elevator mirror.  I'm having a hard time remembering, to take a weekly belly photo.  With Bowman, AJ and I took a new photo on the first day of each new week of pregnancy.  Life is so different now than it was then and I apparently have fewer braincells to remember to take a photo of my growing belly! I hope I can remember because it's special to be able to look back at the progression.

 I am definitely going through nervous emotions about having 2 children. The side of me that fears change is rearing it's head. I'm typically pretty happy-go-lucky but parenting ONE child has been a giant undertaking as any first-time parent knows well.  I've been told becoming a second-time parent is no easier, and actually harder in many aspects! As far as change goes, a new baby is about as major as it gets.
I'm working on coping as the feelings emerge by making a conscious effort to stay on a positive track of thinking.  Each time I feel myself falling into an "Oh no! What if...! How am in going to...?" cycle of thoughts, I stop myself and replace those worries with positive imagery of two precious, sweet, healthy boys that love each other and love their mama & dada!  THAT is my eye on the prize and the big picture that I'm so looking forward to!!
It's the unknown details of how in the world I/we will make it all work, that bog me down if I allow them to.  The reality is that no amount of fretting over the minutia will accomplish anything for me right now.  I can't figure it all out in advance but I can certainly help to reduce the future-stress by making an effort to identify my areas of concern and work with AJ to plan for how we will handle them. I know that the majority of what we "plan" for how we think things will be, is going to go out the window once new baby is here, but hopefully it will help...even just a little?

Monday, February 11, 2013

Montessori School (and hard-boiled eggs)

Bowman finished his first transition week into his new Montessori School. We are so lucky he was accepted, they have a typical one to two year wait list I thought we would be just putting his name on the list when we made our appointment to tour.  However, youd never believe the circumstances we encountered!  By a miracle it turned out the school's admissions director was a teacher at AJ's elementary school in very small town in Oklahoma, she taught there at the same time he was a student!! She told us she felt like we were family and she had  spot opening to offer us if we wanted.  WOW!!  The school is accredited by the Assiciation Montessori Internationale, which is the institution Maria Montessori herself founded which ensures proper Montessori method is being followed.  If you are ever looking for a Montessori school, make sure the school is accredited by either AMI (Association Montessori Internationale, or AMS (American Montessori Society), it's unfortunate the "Montessori" name is not trademarked so anybody can call themselves Montessori without truly being so, very misleading.

He did great during his first week, his class has 9 children including Bowman, his teacher and an assistant.  His teacher is wonderful and really knows her stuff in working with these little guys.  She has a Masters in education and early childhood development along with the required AMI certificates.  In just a few days we've seen so many new things from Bowman.  I love Montessori because of the confidence and independence it fosters in children from such a young age.  AJ and I plan to keep Bowman in a Montessori program through the 6th grade.   

 In the classroom, there is a little refrigerator with snacks in it.  The children can help themselves anytime.  One of the choices is a carton of hard-boiled eggs.  Bowman came home and pulled the carton of eggs (which were NOT boiled) out of our fridge and was adamantly telling me "Wanna do an egg mama, wanna do an egg please"  Ummmm, how do I explain to a 2.5 year old that these eggs aren't cooked? Impossible.  So I got out a bowl and let him crack an egg, which was a big surprise to him.  We talked about it being slimy and squishy and he was ok with putting the rest of the eggs back.  That evening after he was asleep, you betcha I boiled them all  of those eggs! The next morning I told him he could peel an egg, and happily peeled one.  He then ended up carrying several hard-boiled eggs around the house and finally settled on just one.  He told me he wanted it to have a hat and hair, so I went ahead and drew a smiley face too.  He named it "Lil'baby Egg Jonathan" and carried it ALL DAY! it was pretty amusing and adorable :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

How to make a pregnant lady cry...

"Wow, you two look like you're due the same time!"
This week I was at the grocery store and the woman in front of me was also pregnant.  The checker exclaimed that we looked like we were going to be due about the same time.  She asked us both how far along we were and as it turns out the other lady was 8 months pregnant.  Ummmm yeah.  I on the other hand am FIVE MONTHS PREGNANT.  Nice.  That other woman's belly was the same size as mine and she only has one month to go.  I have FOUR months.  I am HUGE.  Waaaaaaaaah!!!  June is a looooooong way away. I'm eternally grateful to that grocery checker lady for pointing this out.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Do you ever find your self repeatedly looking a a particular photo of your precious child? Of course we take endless photos of Bowman but once in a while a photo will really grab me for one reason or another and becomes my little adorable obsession that I look at repeatedly and each time my heart flutters, my stomach gets butterflies an I melt into a puddle of goo. You know that feeling? Right now this is the one that gets me the most...

It's just cuter than I can bear, his face, his little teeth, those curls. Swooooon.