Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cheers to ROUND TWO!

So I originally started this blog when I was 20 weeks pregnant with Bowman and it has become something we treasure. Being able to look back on all the photos and details I documented during my pregnancy and during the first year and a half of Bowman's life.  Life got very busy and subsequently, my posts dwindled.  I've hardly written anything over the past year and I'd like to try to come back to it. What better timing because...


I found out I was pregnant VERY early on, I was only 4 weeks, but I just had a feeling something happened. It pretty much was a surprise, I had missed a few days of the pill.  Honestly, another baby was something deep down I knew I wanted and hoped for but after my pregnancy and birth of Bowman, I was truly 100% no, 1000% happy with ONE.  So much so, that honestly gave away EVERY SINGLE baby-related article, item and paraphernalia that we had.  With each item I was thinking "Good riddance, we won't be needing this again!"  Needless to say we have a long shopping list to take care of before this baby arrives :) 

My due date is June 18th, almost one month before Bowman's birthday (July 16th) so he will be about a month shy of three years old when his brother arrives.  Bowman has come a long way with his feelings toward babies over the past year.  The only time he has ever seen me hold another baby was a year ago during a visit to Oklahoma, when I was holding new baby Walker Stone last March.  Upon the sight of his mama holding a baby across the room, my 1.5 year old Bowman came charging and screaming "NOOOOOOOO MAMA! NOOOOOO!"  He was NOT having it!  Now, a year later he seems to truly love babies and gets excited and happy about them.  He hasn't seen me holding one though, but  I really think he's going to be excited about having a baby brother, his mama and dada most certainly are!

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