Wednesday, November 7, 2012


My little giddy-up guy and I participated in an adorable Halloween parade of little people in the afternoon on Halloween, and that evening he of course got to go treating for the first time!!, thanks to Caitlin and Dominic who took him out while I handed out treats. (poor Dada was out of town:( and missed the fun)

I scoured the online shopping world for a cowboy costume but none were cute enough to suit him! So I of course ended up making it. This has happened 2 years in a row, I tell my self I don't have time to make his costume and then at the last minute I just can't stand it, give in and the night before Halloween I spend hours on it. I just have to have a costume that does him justice! I made the vest entirely, spiffed up the hat with the band and sheriff star as well as the chaps. Add a pair of adorable cowboy boots that light up when he stomps them and voila! The cutest lil'Sherriff that's ever walked these here parts ;-)

Next year he'll be able to tell me what he wants to be and that will be a whole new set of interesting :)

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