Thursday, February 23, 2012

About Hawaii

Well I'm finally starting to feel somewhat human again having been home for a few days, as in maybe now I can form complete sentences and possibly tell this story. I'll give it a try but forgive me if none of this makes any sense :)) We had *quite* the time on Oahu and I'm somewhere between slightly and significantly traumatized by the whole ordeal :S Let's just say it wasn't all coconuts and palm trees- we survived some nightmares during our 8 days of paradise *bliss*! I just love my two guys so much, but this experience has me feeling like I NEVER EVER want to go on vacation again.. but we all know what they say, if you fall off the horse you've got to pull up your britches and hop back on, so I suppose it's time to book our next trip! (maybe we'll be able to go to Oklahoma for the birth of our dear friends baby in a few weeks, AJ will go for sure and I hope Bowie and I can go to:).

I really don't have much time to do a whole lot of writing on our blog and use it mostly for posting photos of what adorable Mr. Precious is up to. I would like to try to start writing a little more of the happenings in our neck of the woods so we'll see how I do.
It all started with the plane ride...
We boarded our 9:00AM direct flight from Sacramento to Honolulu on Hawaiian air (SUCH an excellent airline by the way) and settled into our seats. Bowman did great. I was armed to the ears with an artillery of items to entertain him during the 6 hour flight (yeah, 6 hours. it was supposed to be 5 but the wind was strong). Our carry-on was stocked full of brand new toys and gadgets he hadn't seen, Disney movies on the iPad, and plenty of his favorite snacks. and of course a bottle for nap time and a back up bottle just in case. My boy loves his milk.
We played, fed him snacks, he had some bottle, played some more, fed him some more, watched a little iPad etc... looking back I realize that anytime he expressed displeasure one of us offered him a cracker or a yogurt bite or some milk, along with a new something to play with. This was a terrible and unintended mistake; food as consolation. And with both of us doing it, it was a double mistake.
Intermezzo for cute photo of the subject of my story. Such a cutie pie smile!

All was well and he was settling in for a nap at about 2.5 hours into the flight. We brought the down pillow he sleeps with at home on board and he was laying down in his middle seat between AJ and I, drinking his bottle with Toy Story playing on the iPad. I remember AJ and I gave each other a look like "thank heavens, we actually get a break".
can you say "Mai-tie please!!"
Not 30 seconds later, Bowman popped his bottle out of his mouth and made a funny face, I looked up at AJ thinking maybe there would be a diaper change on the way? I shifted my gaze back down to Bowman just in time to see him lurch forward and projectile vomit into his pillow. and everything else around him.

In a moments flash, I pulled him and his puke covered pillow into my lap where he proceeded to continue with his projectile performance...all over me. Hmmmm. And to improve the situation, While I was in the throws of being well, thrown up on, I managed to cleverly dump all of the pillow puke onto myself. Just incase B missed a spot, I was now covered. AJ was in shock and all I could say was "help." "help." "I need help." in my tiniest very calm, voice because B was crying and obviously upset, and I wasn't going to make things worse by panicking, this is my mantra as a mother. do.not.react with panic. no. matter. what.

I may have blacked out. Not really but the next thing I knew, AJ was scrambling around with those tiny paper napkins they give you with your drink which was basically equivalent to trying to soak up the ocean with a dish sponge. AJ quickly came to his senses and went to get help from the attendants. Meanwhile I am surveying the damage; vomit on all three of our seats, all over Bowman and all over me- in my hair, on my shirt, on my pants.
The flight attendants moved us to new seats and Bowman fell right to sleep. As he slept, a fever developed so we knew something was going on, something more than a fluke puke. This of course made me worry about my little guy, but amidst my worry and shock, a proud feeling emerged. I was very proud of the traumatic event I'd just survived. Cue the Tears.

Bowie slept, I cried, and AJ got us a drink. He's a smart man with good timing. Let me tell you that was a good drink, even if it was only ginger sans jack. Jack made it to the next round.

We landed safely in Honolulu, picked up our car and headed to my parents place.

The rest of the trip, in a nutshell, consisted of beautiful beaches, great food, time with my parents, and Bowman getting progressively more sick. He had a mild fever and just wasn't his normal joyful self, he was fussy and generally hard to please. exhausting. I am NOT used to a fussy baby, he is a very sweet natured joyful little boy who has fun no matter what, so this threw his Mama and Dada for a loop. We consulted with our pediatrician at home and after waiting it our a few days we decided to go to a walk-in clinic for him to be seen (Monday). Those places are always fun. Precisely where you don't want to be during *vacation* in paradise.
One of his ears looked red so the doctor prescribed an antibiotic, the last thing I wanted. Our big healthy Bowman had his very first dose of antibiotics 5 weeks ago at 18 months old. He made it all that time without being truly sick, and now here we were again with another ear situation and more antibiotics. Booo. :(( Well as it turned out, this particular stregth of antibiotic the Dr. perscribed was impossible to find. AJ had to call basically every pharmacy on the island to find one that had it in stock, and finally at 8pm that evening Dada sucessfully had medicine for his sick little guy in hand. The medicine seemed to help overnight, the next day (Tuesday) was valentines day and our Bowie seemed back to himself :). This lasted ONE day.
The next evening (Wednesday) his mild fever returned... and he threw up all over me in the middle of the night. again. (this happened our first night too. puke is the new black).

We flew home on Friday ~throw-up free~ and pretty much fuss-free (yay!!) and took him to see his pediatrician first thing Saturday morning to discover the stupid clinic doctor prescribed Bowman's antibiotic at 1/5th of the strength it should have been!!!!! Just enough to incubate a nice full-blown ear infection. Talk about banging your head into a wall. Infuriating!!
Within 24 hours of being on the CORRECT dosage, our happy-man was back!

He is making such a funny face in this photo, I die every time I look at it!
The close-up. he is SO not amused.
Mama and Bowie having a nice beach moment. What you can't tell from the photo is that my arm is breaking. He did not want to be set down, so I carried him for a loooong time. 30-pounds started to feel like 60!
We right to the clinic after this visit.

All in all, we made it, we DID have some fun amidst the difficulties and I'm so grateful to have my AJ and my Bowie. and I'm sure I will go on vacation again... someday :)

There's no place like home and my newly defined "bliss" is simple; freshly laundered sheets and pillows on our own fluffy cloud bed, sweet 19-month Bowman in slumber-land next to us... Well I suppose that's it. Oh, and no puke. But I did wear it well. ;-)

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