Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday morning artiste

AJ and I are enjoying some time to ourselves this morning while B is home with Caitlin.

She just sent me these pictures. The art "studio" is working out I'd say :-)

The too-small shirts he wears for art time are the icing on the adorable cake!


  1. Cute! What kind of paints is he using? I've been scared to buy any for Jake... Let me know. xo

  2. I bought the Crayola washable finger paint in 8 colors and melissa& Doug jumbo brushes. The paint is non-toxic and totally safe. I also got some beeswax cube crayons and he's less inclined to eat them than the typical stick shaped ones.
    You should get the book "Young at Art" it's awesome, eye-opening and super helpful. I'll use it for years :)

  3. Awesome, thanks! I'll buy this on amazon! Wish we lived closer so our boys could play together! :)