Thursday, January 12, 2012

Look out Pollock

Working on our Abstract Expressionism at home this morning :-) He's so sweet and it breaks my heart that this afternoon we found out he has a double ear infection and pneumonia! :C

On Tuesday we took him to the doctor to check out a cough he was developing after a fever showed up. It turned out he had a left ear infection and possibly a secondary infection in his chest. Our Dr prescribed amoxicillin and she told us to keep her updated on him. Well after two rough nights of tha fever showing back up and a message from Caitlin saying he woke up from his nap early with a fever my instinct told me, no screamed at me, to take him in pronto! I took him back this afternoon and it turned out the amoxicillin did nothing an his right ear is also infected! we had to have his chest x-rayed and sure enough he has pneumonia!! He got a super strength antibiotic injection and switched from amoxicillin to augmentin to take oraly .
With all of this going on he's been still such a sweet happy guy, my poor sick baby.
The injection is supposed to make a huge difference in 24 hrs.

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