Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Day 2

After getting to sleep in and lounge about this holiday morning (thanks to our dear sweet super-nanny Caitlin extraordinaire, to whom we owe our sanity and our SANITY too. I could go on and on but thats another post on its own). AJ and I got to go out for coffee and lunch together and came home when Bowman's naptime was over.

After some cozy playtime at home, we headed out and about during the later afternoon. We parused through Costco a bit before getting overwhelmed by all of the things. AJ bought wine and I bought these delicious little omega-3 flax seed nutty morsels, they are shaped like those mini brownie bites but packed full of goodness. I opened them when we got to the car and Bowie loved them, devouring one in its entirety like the great Cookie Monster. I of course immediately gave him another (after a good drink of water). I had to put his bib on while he demolished the second one and got drooly omega-muffin-morsel bits everywhere.

Row row row your boat was in order. He's got the "Row" down pat ;)

And then a little mama tickle-monster time ensued...

Check out the chompers he has. We're waiting on the bottom two canines to finally break through the gums, they've been pushing up for weeks now and then we're done with teeth until the 2-year molars come in!... which I'm sure will be early, so basically we're not done. But he'll have all 16 in before he's 18 months! Last February when he was 7-1/2 months, he had his first teeth come in, 6 of them all at the same time. Yeah, that's right 6 at once, and then all four molars at once came next. So believe me when I say that the end of teething will be a celebration-worthy milestone in this house!

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  1. Oh my goodness. Jackson and I have watched these a million times over and over this morning and we giggle everytime! Jackson is now in his room getting ready for school and I hear him singing, "Row, row, row, row." over and over again. LOVE and miss sweet Bowman!!!! And you guys too!