Wednesday, November 7, 2012


My little giddy-up guy and I participated in an adorable Halloween parade of little people in the afternoon on Halloween, and that evening he of course got to go treating for the first time!!, thanks to Caitlin and Dominic who took him out while I handed out treats. (poor Dada was out of town:( and missed the fun)

I scoured the online shopping world for a cowboy costume but none were cute enough to suit him! So I of course ended up making it. This has happened 2 years in a row, I tell my self I don't have time to make his costume and then at the last minute I just can't stand it, give in and the night before Halloween I spend hours on it. I just have to have a costume that does him justice! I made the vest entirely, spiffed up the hat with the band and sheriff star as well as the chaps. Add a pair of adorable cowboy boots that light up when he stomps them and voila! The cutest lil'Sherriff that's ever walked these here parts ;-)

Next year he'll be able to tell me what he wants to be and that will be a whole new set of interesting :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Last night AJ took B to a pre-season Kings game, he said this video pretty much sums their evening up. Oh and also that Bowman only wanted to eat the popcorn off the floor and not out of the carton AJ bought. Glad I wasn't there :-)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More Shmear? Yes please!!

Apparently the only blog posts I can muster these days are inspired by the things my son smears on his face. Always the right cheek, ear and curly locks on the side of his head.

Today it was his treat. My brother loved these  Japanese cookies with a little pocket of chocolate in the container you can dip into. They're called "Yan-Yan", sounds delicious no?  So when I saw them at the store today I naturally thought Bowman would love him some Yan-Yan too!  He DID love them and ate them properly for 10 minutes in the car while we drove home, happily dipping the cookie and biting it off. Mmmm!  Then we pulled up to the house and I ran a load from the car to the front door, turned around and found this. 30 seconds I tell you!!

And like any 'good' responsible mother that gives their two-year-old a Japanese chocolate dipping cookie snack, what did I do? why I pulled out my iPhone of course and shot a video. 

You see! A yummy treat and chocolate-facial all in one! Relaxing yet delicious.
Admittedly, I think we can all remember a time that something was so amazingly delicious that we felt tempted to do this too.  (cupcake? cookie-cake? fleur de sel caramel cake? I can think of just a few :)

 I managed to get him out of the car and into the house and since despite appearances,  I actually am smart at times, I decided to let it play out because lord knows he was NOT going to put the Yan-Yan down.

He finally grew tired and gave me the treat and said "thank you".
I wiped off his face and we headed out the door with Dada to go to dinner and away we went; Mama, Dada, Bowie and one chocolate dreadlock that stayed with us until bath-time/dessert :-P