Saturday, December 31, 2011


I have been told numerous times lately how important it is that I document Bowman's language development so we will have it to look back on and will be able to remember his cute little words :)

Our boy said "Mama" at 5 months old, I will never forget it- we were in Anchorage for Christmas 2010 and I was shopping at Nordstorm with my mom and Bowman had just woken from a nap in his stroller. He was full of energy and was babbling all sorts of things and then all the sudden I heard "!" of course he didn't really know what he was saying but it still counts. When we got home from shopping I told AJ what happened and he immediately started saying "Dada" over and over to Bowman :) So we'll call "Mama" his first official word.

Next came Kitty, pronounced "Dee-dee", soon dogs became dee-dee as well. Truck was his third word, which he said on his 1st birthday "guck" after a toy truck.

He is talking so much and new words show up every day but at this point in time here's what we've got so far:

1) Mama
2) Dada
3) Dee-dee (kitty)
4) nana (banana)
5) ball
6) apple
7) doggie
8) sues (shoes)
9) elmo
10) guck (truck)
11) cuck (car)
12) Bobbie (my mom)
13) Pop (my dad)
14) Peep (please)
15) Tee-too (thank you)
16) Tee-cole (candle)
17) Teee! (tree)
18) Dat (that)
19) Baby
20) Bo-bo (bowman)
21) Bup (pumpkin)
22) i gee you (I get you)
23) I do
24) jump up
25) bubbow (bubble)
26) I-pee (airplane)
27) Mow (meow, what kitty says)
28) O-pee (open)
29) Aaaa-Looo (hello)
30) Hi
31) Baa-ba (bye-bye)
32) Beep-beep! (what a truck says)
33) Go ball (throw ball)
34) Mo (more)
35) Bee-ball (basketball)
36) Cacker (cracker)
37) Oh-No!
38) Peee-Nooo (Piano)

Well that was sort of like naming the seven dwarfs, I'm sure there are more words but I can't think of them. So there we have it, the 17 month and 2 week Bo-language :-)

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