Wednesday, October 12, 2011

When they're not looking..

AJ and I decided together when B was about 3 months old that we'd adhere to a strict "No TV" policy for Bowman. After reading up on the overwhelming research, it was an easy decision to follow the American Pediatrics Association recommendation of zero Television before the age of 2 years old. Quite simple: if Bowman is awake, the tv is off.

This past Saturday AJ checked the score while B and I were playing in the other room and forgot to turn off the tube. When he turned back around this is what he found...

Looks like we have a Sooner football fan on our hands :) He's certainly has Boomer blood in his veins! Sorry buddy, you cant watch yet.

(Yes, he's wearing too-small Santa jammy pants. He pulled them out of the give-away drawer and after carrying them around for 20 minutes like his blankey, I put them on him and he was tickled!)

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