Friday, September 23, 2011

Bobbie's Visit

Last weekend Bobbie came to visit us! She got here Thursday afternoon and stayed until Monday morning. We had 3 full days of fun. I SO needed time with my mom, I enjoyed every second of it. AJ was in Tahoe over the weekend competing in the "Tough Mudder" 12-mile mud run obstacle course. I was worried about him the whole time, but he did great and made it home to us safely on Sunday. Bobbie, Baybo and I had a wonderful time together.

Bobbie and Baybo on our way to dinner
Mother Daughter time- I got much needed time with my momma
Fun in the playroomGetting ready to head out We love to go for walks and Bobbie took these cute pics while we were out It was SOOOOO nice to spend time with my Mom and getting to watch her with her grandson. Waaaahhh I wish we could be together all the time.

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