Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Baby Monster Eats Out (Photos from 8/21/11)

Baby Monster Eats Out (Photos from 8/21/11)

When you take your Baby Monster out to a restaurant...

Be sure to guard closely your electronic devices, in the blink of an eye Baby Monsters find them to be a most delicious appetizer:

Double check that your Baby Monster is safely buckled into it's seat nice and snug- it is certain to hoot and holler and pull charming shenannagins to join in with the next table over because clearly a table without a Baby Monster of their own just couldnt be enjoying themselves. Baby Monsters are very considerate and make sure to leave on one feeling "left out".

You MUST have plenty of fresh cool water on hand, Baby Monsters do get VERY thirsty. This particular Baby Monster prefers to drink out of a little straw, but look out because your Baby Monster may also try to eat the little straw:

Be on your guard, your Baby Monster WILL make hilarious and adorable faces at you- do not be fooled, your Baby Monster is clever and cunning and knows how to exploit your weaknesses so that you just might be persuaded to give it some gelato... or chocolate cake:

When all else fails, Hungry Catarpilar always works to entertain and amuse Baby Monster Oh yes, Baby Monsters LOVE hungry caterpillar, a most intriguing read indeed :)

The End :)


  1. This is hilarious! I can hear the sound effects that go with the "Baby Monster" story already.

    Your stories are hilarious, heartfelt and truly real and it's been a lot of fun following your first year of mommyhood.

    -Kym (Fyfe)

  2. A www thanks Kymmy! I ( sadly) thought of you yesterday as my tall 13 month old lil man reached up for the handle of the hot pan cooking on the stove. It gives me shudders to think of what happened to my teeny little friend when we were 4 years old. I hope you're doing Great!!