Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Out for a stroll, sans stroller

We had the perfect little Saturday evening stroll with Baybo, it was his first walk through the neighborhood not in the stroller and let me tell you the kid moves fast! AJ and I still have aching backs from being bent over to keep him from stumbling and hurting himself but never mind our backs, we were all grins seeing our little man have a ball :)

Evening sunlight is my favorite time of day :)

Then it was mama's turn to be the fall-protector :)

Saying hi to a neighbor, you can see he's very afraid of strangers...sure!
Then up to Dada's shoulders for a break

A little more running around before we went inside for bedtime:

Here's video from the very beginning of our walk

Monday, August 29, 2011

Adventures in dining with Baby Monster

We went out to one of our favorite neighborhood spots once again this past Friday evening for dinner. AJ and I have so much fun being out with Baybo. Sure it takes some work but when doesn't life with a 13 month old? He makes friends with all of the people at tables around us and is such a hoot! When we're out in these types of settings I've dubbed him "baby monster" because it perfectly sums up the feeling that we have absolutely no control over what this little being is going to do, say or throw next... but whatever it is, it's cute :)

This week, dining out with Baby Monster...

He carefully made his menu selections...
Took an important phone call...
Thank goodness Dada's arms are long enough to reach around the table and under the chair to keep the phone from dropping on the floor. Very convenient Dada!!
Did a few slinky stretches and pulls...
Took a serious moment to chew some delicious ice...

At the end he generously pulled out his wallet and offered to pay for dinner!
A fun time was had by our little family of three :)

When mama's away...

When Mama leaves and it's playtime with Dada, this is what we decide to do with the playroom chair while Dada takes our picture...

...Then Mama comes back into the playroom, has a complete heart attack, and says we have to do it this way...

...Until she leaves again! Mischievous Munchkin!!!

(photos from 8/28/11)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Baby Monster Eats Out (Photos from 8/21/11)

Baby Monster Eats Out (Photos from 8/21/11)

When you take your Baby Monster out to a restaurant...

Be sure to guard closely your electronic devices, in the blink of an eye Baby Monsters find them to be a most delicious appetizer:

Double check that your Baby Monster is safely buckled into it's seat nice and snug- it is certain to hoot and holler and pull charming shenannagins to join in with the next table over because clearly a table without a Baby Monster of their own just couldnt be enjoying themselves. Baby Monsters are very considerate and make sure to leave on one feeling "left out".

You MUST have plenty of fresh cool water on hand, Baby Monsters do get VERY thirsty. This particular Baby Monster prefers to drink out of a little straw, but look out because your Baby Monster may also try to eat the little straw:

Be on your guard, your Baby Monster WILL make hilarious and adorable faces at you- do not be fooled, your Baby Monster is clever and cunning and knows how to exploit your weaknesses so that you just might be persuaded to give it some gelato... or chocolate cake:

When all else fails, Hungry Catarpilar always works to entertain and amuse Baby Monster Oh yes, Baby Monsters LOVE hungry caterpillar, a most intriguing read indeed :)

The End :)