Wednesday, August 17, 2011


So Baybo,
Your mama has about 2 months to catch up on but...

It happened! July 16 2011!!!! Bowman, my precious son, your first year of life is complete, and you gifted your mama and dada with the most amazing year of our lives to date.

We threw a super fun party for you and your Bobbie, Poppie and Great Grandmother even came all the way from Alaska to celebrate...YOU! You are so loved and you have brought so much love to all that surround you.

One word to sum you up: JOY. You are truly an exuberant joyful being. Countless people have told your mama and dada that you are the happiest baby they've ever met. We don't doubt them.

We had such a fun time with friends celebrating you! Your mama somehow, who knows how, managed to pull it off. Before we left for France, amongst the hundreds of things to do I designed and ordered your invitations. The night before we left I sat and addressed the envelopes to our local friends that would be able to attend, until midnight! I left them for your auntie Kara Lisa to mail out while we were away.

When we got home I did all of the rest. It was the perfect first birthday party right here in our own back yard; no typical cheesy themes just beautiful, fun and festive! Not to mention 8-dozen mini cupcakes from the cupcakery on the corner! Made especially for you with yellow, orange, blue and green butter cream frosting :) Most importantly YOU and all the kiddos had a blast!!

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