Monday, May 9, 2011

First ride a (cringe) shopping cart (double cringe). That's right, yesterday was Bowman's first ever ride in a shopping cart. We had to stop at Target and didn't feel like getting the stroller out of the car so I decided to just carry him. I guess I forgot how much he weighs and how lugging around 22-pounds gets old pretty fast, so I started looking for a way out. Any way but a cart. Daddy finally talked me into it. It was me vs. the cart and the cart won as my arm started giving out. We of course have one of those overpriced fabric shopping cart covers, but it was at home stored nicely in the box in the closet. perfect.

So I plopped him in and fastened the harness tight around his waist. As we started moving, Bowman insisted on twisting himself all the way around so he could look forward in the direction the cart was moving. this is no passive baby, this is Mr. In-Charge, alert and must know what's going on at all times. He just wouldn't stop and then he started to wiggle his legs out of the leg holes so he could turn his entire body around.

So we started pushing the cart from the other end, so little Mr. Captain could lead the charge. Much better guys.
"Sheesh mom and dad, took you long enough to figure out how to drive this thing the right direction!" it was hilarious.

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