Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Whats been happening round here

I have been trying not to keep count but the past 7 weeks have been quite possibly the most challenging 7 weeks i have yet encountered as a parent, maybe as a person.

Week 1 Feb 20th : It all started this week when we got a call around 11pm from the emergency room, that Bowman's sweet nanny took a bad fall and broke her nose! We felt awful for her knowing how much pain she was in, and then we went into panic-mode, oh crap what are we going to do? AJ was leaving town for LA that week which meant I had to juggle a million things to get done at work and a my Honey-bun to take care of! So what did I do? Bring him with me! I was lucky that while AJ was in LA I had only 1 major meeting that week. The week was a combination of working from home and bringing him with me. Sweet Caitlin came in for a few hours two of the mornings even though she felt awful but it helped me so much! The fact that she came with a freshly broken nose, spoke volumes to her dedication, which I am so thankful for. Whew! we made it through that week!

Week 2 Feb 27th : On Sunday the 27th, the beginning of "week 2", AJ left for meetings in orange county and it was this Sunday that I became horribly sick with the stomach flu. I was wiped out the whole week but did wander my way back to work on Thursday, too much to do, and I just pushed through the residual weakness from not being able to eat for something like 80 hours. If it werent for Caitlin that week, I think I'd be 6-feet under.

Week 3 March 6th : On Monday the 7th, Bowman wasn't acting quite his normal sweet self- just a little higher maintenance than usual. Tuesday evening, he was extra whiny and sounded uncomfortable and I kept checking his head and neck to see if he felt warm, but he felt fine. At bath time when I took his clothes off, I noticed his torso and underarms felt a little warm so I checked his temp and he did have a very low fever, like .2 degrees into the "fever" zone, very mild. AJ called the advice nurse just so we could be prepared if id developed further, while I got Baybo ready for bed. After the bath he went to sleep just fine as normal. He woke crying at 11:30PM and when I picked him up my baby was BURNING, he was so hot I couldn't believe it. We checked his temp and it was 102.7! Gave him some Tylenol as the advice nurse told us earlier, he fell back to sleep and 1 hour later his temp was completely normal. We thought we were experiencing Baybo's first sickness. He slept between us in bed that night as he kept awaking with an uncomfortable squirm. I didnt sleep ONE WINK that entire night. I can tell you, I thought 2 or 3 hours of sleep was bad, but this was the first time I'd had NADA! I'm probably still recovering from the detriment of that missed night. When he awoke Wednesday morning he was much better, more of his normal chipper self. What was going on? On Thursday Caitlin called me at work and said he had a coughing fit followed by a throw-up twice! I rushed home and the three of us went to see Dr. Lee. After throughly checking Baybo and asking Caitlin and I plenty of questions about B's symptoms, Dr. Lee said "you did notice the tooth coming in right?" What!!?? Yep, our boy was cutting what we thought at the time was his first tooth... Turned to be his first FOUR teeth, all at once, Dr. Lee didnt notice the top two coming in also!! By Sunday, two more on the top started to emerge! That's right SIX teeth at once. SIX! and he was still an angel, just a little bit of an irritated angel :)

Week 4 March 13th : Bowman reached official "crawler" status on Sunday, March 13th. Up until this point that I consider "official", he of course had been scooting his way around, but didn't have all the coordination and mechanics worked out yet. Sunday afternoon we went into his nursery and set him down with toys on one end of the room, turned my back for a few seconds to hang up a shirt and BAM! he was on the other side! official. fast. crawling. By Wednesday night he was pulling himself up to a stand in his crib. wowzers! I walked upstairs at bedtime and this is what I saw... my phone takes bad pictures but oh well.

...Later that weekPhotobucket

Bowman also turned 8 months old on Wednesday the 16th!!AJ left town for his annual March-madness basketball guys trip (I wrote about the trip last year) to Vegas. He left on Wednesday, my parents came to town Friday, and I started feeling pretty yucky on Sunday. After the events of the previous 3.5 weeks I was withering away to nothing left, completely run down. completely. beyond exhausted. So it was very hard having AJ gone and being by myself with the baby in the mornings and evenings. Mama's energy had left the building, and sanity was heading the same direction. When Bobbie and Poppie got to town on Friday, I was SO excited to see them! Baybo instantly loved them and we had such a fun time despite how run-down I felt. They got into a rhythm with the Baybo and figured each other out, they hadn't seen him since Christmas, and he's changed so much during that time. AJ finally came home on Sunday, and we continued to spend really nice family time with my parents, I just wasn't feeling great. Here he is greeting Poppie at the airport and a sweet moment with Bobbie.

Week 5 March 20th : Well the feeling kinda not so great on Sunday lead to a 102 fever at the doctors office by the end of the day Tuesday. I felt so sick I could only lay on the waiting room sofa and cry, like a 5 year old. I wanted MY mommy back, but I felt pathetic and ashamed because I AM a mommy and I have to be strong and healthy for my baby. Terrible sinus infection that kept me in bed. Literally, I didn't get out of bed much at all. I slept all day and all night. I even slept downstairs, away from AJ and the baby upstairs. I didn't want to get them sick and I needed the sleep to heal.

Week 6 March 27th : still not feeling great, still achy all over but whatever, I was done, over it. I pushed through the first three work days of the week and had Thursday and Friday off. AJ left town on Wednesday for meetings in Del Mar, so that was a bit of a bummer I had been hoping he could take Thursday or Friday off and we could spend one of those days together. I went back to the Doc on Thursday because I still was feeling pretty bad and found out that I STILL had a fever, a fever for 10 days! I also had 6 inches of my hair cut off, I wanted 10 but settled on 6, Bowman has taken a liking to ripping it out so buh-bye long locks. Thursday afternoon Caitlin started to feel the way I had been feeling before I got sick the week before, and by Thursday night she had a fever so I just wanted her to stay home in bed and go to the doctor to hopefully intercept it so it didn't get as bad as mine. Saturday Bowman woke up with a runny nose.

Week 7, April 3rd : My baby is officially sick for the first time :( but I must say he is taking it like a champ! We have been doing steam baths twice a day and it's really helped to clear his head congestion. The cold seems to be running its course and Bowman is pretty much his usual happy self, despite the 6 protruding teeth and the cold.

Wow! Talk about frenzied, frantic and exhausted. I was all of those and more. At some point over the past weekend, the realization came back to me that I CAN do anything. I am equipped with all of the abilities to handle and succeed in any challenge, situation or circumstance that I encounter. Freaking out about what IS and worrying about what may happen NEXT, do not solve anything and only further perpetuate the frenzy. Frenzied, frantic and exhausted do not a good mother make. Faith and confidence will move me forward. I do still feel extraordinarily drained, but that too shall pass.

Through it all I have the most wonderful and supportive husband, he comforts me when I'm distraught, and snaps me out of it when I get "the crazies", and when I'm sick or need a break he will help with anything and everything the baby needs. Baybo has no idea how hard these past weeks have been on mama, he continues to be a bright little sunshine each day, no matter what's going on I melt each time I turn the corner and see his precious happy face.

And as for Week 8?? Hawaii!! Last week my mom twisted my arm and Bowman and I are flying to Honolulu to stay with my parents for a few days. Their place is in downtown and right on the harbor, so beautiful. It's very zen and relaxing. I am so looking forward to it...
Here is a pic of their building, it's big but has only a small number of private residences. Also a pic of the view from their condo's lanai, sooooo relaaaaxing :) One week from today!

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