Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pampers Shmampers... we're going CLOTH!!

I FINALLY decided to do it! I am fed up with one diaper rash to another on my sweet baby's bum. Bowman has his mama's ultra sensitive fair skin that gets red and irritated easily... just like my temper (hee hee). We are talking very sensitive; my skin gets red if I so much as touch it. Mosquito bites may as well be golf balls. But really, I can't stand the diapers anymore. We've tried them all, I even hate the "natural" Seventh Generation, which still contain lots of chemicals. I reached the end of my rope last week when he got a burn 3-inches in diameter along one side of his groin after wearing Pampers with DryMax. The top layer of skin literally shriveled up and peeled off like a sunburn does. from a diaper? The answer to my question "what the heck do they put in these things??" yeah, you don't wanna know, and I don't want it touching, burning his sweet skin ever again.
Lots of parents choose cloth diapering primarily for the sustainability factor. Cloth diapers divert a huge amount of plastic disposable diaper waste from ending up in our landfills. I commend and admire this effort but I have to be honest that it's not my motivating factor, just a nice ancillary benefit. I on the other hand, am purely motivated by the health and comfort of my honey-bun's bumbum. Happy bun's bum=happy mum? you bet.

Entering the realm of cloth diapering is no easy feat. There are one million different brands, all sorts of lingo and abbreviations that are foreign and impossible to interpret with out delving in; "soaker, booster, pocket, pre-fold, hybrid, chinese pre-fold, snap, shell, OS, hook & loop, AIO, AI2" and on and on and on. Huh??? It is impossible to navigate your way through the cloth diaper world with out understanding this language. The only thing that kept me going was the burn on my baby's delicate skin. So I researched for hours and learned the lay of the cloth diapering, aka cd-ing, land, and learned their elusive language.

Once I became oriented it was time to decide what type/brand of diaper we wanted to use. I identified these as the most important factors in my selection process:
  • The option to use a disposable insert; I don't like the idea of carrying around a wet or dirty soaker, maybe it's not as big of a deal as it sounds but I at least want the option to have a disposable biodegradable liner.
  • A good fit for Bowman's body type; our little man is stout and his thighs are the chunky-est part he's got so it's important the diaper fits well around his thighs without being too tight
  • Well reviewed; I want to use a system that has been well reviewed by other moms
And so I FINALLY made a decision to go with GroVia AI2!

Here is a good demonstration video from YouTube...

To get started, this is what I had to order and if I LOVE how they work I will order more:

  • 2 hook & loop shells (hook and loop means a velcro closure rather than a snap closure at the waist, velcro allows more flexibility than the snap closure)
  • 4 organic cotton soakers (the absorbent portion that snaps into the shell)
  • 2 organic cotton and fleece
  • (for extra dryness protection, lays on top of the soaker)
  • 1 roll of BioLiners (a very thin sheet that lays on top of the soaker, and will wick away moisture yet separate the poopy from the soaker)
  • 1 package of 50 BioSoakers (disposable, biodegradable soaker which can be used in place of the organic cotton soaker and booster)
  • Tiny Bubbles detergent- best for washing the organic cotton components
  • Diaper sprayer: if baby doodoo gets onto a booster or soaker, you use the sprayer to spray the doo off into the toilet. the sprayer connects to the fresh water supply line where the toilet connects to the wall. Yes I could opt for laundry service, and would opt for laundry service in a heartbeat but that would defeat the purpose as the organic cotton would be doused in Clorox and lord knows what other awful chemicals!
  • Nappy Sack: a mesh bag that the used cloth diapers are placed in and when its time to do the laundry the mesh bag is fasted closed and put into the washer, so the diaper components don't have to be re-handled
  • Nappy pail: the pail has a sealed lid and holds the mesh bag that holds the diapers
  • GroVia Magic Stick- not as exciting as it sounds, its a schtick of butt balm but it smells nice. Typical diaper ointments containing petroleum can not be used because they bind to the cotton diaper and block absorption. We'll miss you Aquaphor :(
So wish me luck! I just hope it helps my cubby-love. If anybody out there has any advice please share :)

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