Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Bunny Baybo

For me?? Baybo meets basket wearing his new Easter hat. Awe and wonder with the basket ensued of course he gave the basket a good taste, first things first.

Discovered the stacker, which was a huge hit! Thanks Bunny :)

Our blonde blessing

We had such a nice Easter Day last Sunday! Being that it was Bowman's first Easter, I was so excited to give him his first Easter Basket (after realizing the Friday before Easter that it was basket time baby)! We filled his basket with cute things, mostly clothes (sorry Baybo, you'd better get used to it), some toys, and the Easter Bunny left a package of mama's favorite gummy candies too! Such a thoughtful bunbun :) We put the basket on the floor in the middle of his playroom and he charged right over to explore it...

A few weeks ago AJ and I decided we would go to church on Easter Sunday. We did and it was so nice. It made me feel so good to sit with my husband and son, and spend the hour reflecting and devoting my gratitude for all that surrounds me. It was peaceful and comforting. We liked the church and plan to return!

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