Tuesday, April 19, 2011

9 Months!

Bowman turned 9 months old this past Saturday, April 19th while we were in Hawaii. Hooray Baybo!!
Coincidentally on this trip he also started doing so many new things. He officially started "clapping" by clubbing his fists together, so adorable. He started dancing. he started waving which is so funny because he flops his entire forearm up and down and grins really big. He started what I call "grab-walking" which is walking along an item he is holding on to like the sofa or table, not just pulling up to a stand.
Over the past several weeks he has developed amazing dexterity in both hands, but seems to take after his daddy and prefer his left hand. He can pick up teeny tiny objects between his thumb and forefinger with great precision and loves to feed himself. As I've written before, he started saying "mama" when he was 5 months old so I knew he was going to be a talker, but now it's like he has his own little language he babbles and garbles constantly and in response when we talk to him.
A few months ago I bought some size 18-24 month outfits for our trip to France in June and not it looks like they are going to be TOO SMALL! Waaaaaaah! my baby is getting big too fast! It sounds silly but I have a really hard time buying such big clothes, I always think to myself "There's no way this will fit him, it looks so big!" I get it home and sure enough. sniffle sniffle, he's that big. Cute cubby!Bowman, you are the most wonderful, adorable-est little human I've ever known!

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