Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Bunny Baybo

For me?? Baybo meets basket wearing his new Easter hat. Awe and wonder with the basket ensued of course he gave the basket a good taste, first things first.

Discovered the stacker, which was a huge hit! Thanks Bunny :)

Our blonde blessing

We had such a nice Easter Day last Sunday! Being that it was Bowman's first Easter, I was so excited to give him his first Easter Basket (after realizing the Friday before Easter that it was basket time baby)! We filled his basket with cute things, mostly clothes (sorry Baybo, you'd better get used to it), some toys, and the Easter Bunny left a package of mama's favorite gummy candies too! Such a thoughtful bunbun :) We put the basket on the floor in the middle of his playroom and he charged right over to explore it...

A few weeks ago AJ and I decided we would go to church on Easter Sunday. We did and it was so nice. It made me feel so good to sit with my husband and son, and spend the hour reflecting and devoting my gratitude for all that surrounds me. It was peaceful and comforting. We liked the church and plan to return!

So you think you can dance??

Baybo sure can.

Yes, in addition to dropping it to Michael Jackson, my child also dances to "house" techno music, with appropriate arm swirling. All he needs is a glow stick and he's ready to rave. He is 9. months. old. :D

Pampers Shmampers... we're going CLOTH!!

I FINALLY decided to do it! I am fed up with one diaper rash to another on my sweet baby's bum. Bowman has his mama's ultra sensitive fair skin that gets red and irritated easily... just like my temper (hee hee). We are talking very sensitive; my skin gets red if I so much as touch it. Mosquito bites may as well be golf balls. But really, I can't stand the diapers anymore. We've tried them all, I even hate the "natural" Seventh Generation, which still contain lots of chemicals. I reached the end of my rope last week when he got a burn 3-inches in diameter along one side of his groin after wearing Pampers with DryMax. The top layer of skin literally shriveled up and peeled off like a sunburn does. from a diaper? The answer to my question "what the heck do they put in these things??" yeah, you don't wanna know, and I don't want it touching, burning his sweet skin ever again.
Lots of parents choose cloth diapering primarily for the sustainability factor. Cloth diapers divert a huge amount of plastic disposable diaper waste from ending up in our landfills. I commend and admire this effort but I have to be honest that it's not my motivating factor, just a nice ancillary benefit. I on the other hand, am purely motivated by the health and comfort of my honey-bun's bumbum. Happy bun's bum=happy mum? you bet.

Entering the realm of cloth diapering is no easy feat. There are one million different brands, all sorts of lingo and abbreviations that are foreign and impossible to interpret with out delving in; "soaker, booster, pocket, pre-fold, hybrid, chinese pre-fold, snap, shell, OS, hook & loop, AIO, AI2" and on and on and on. Huh??? It is impossible to navigate your way through the cloth diaper world with out understanding this language. The only thing that kept me going was the burn on my baby's delicate skin. So I researched for hours and learned the lay of the cloth diapering, aka cd-ing, land, and learned their elusive language.

Once I became oriented it was time to decide what type/brand of diaper we wanted to use. I identified these as the most important factors in my selection process:
  • The option to use a disposable insert; I don't like the idea of carrying around a wet or dirty soaker, maybe it's not as big of a deal as it sounds but I at least want the option to have a disposable biodegradable liner.
  • A good fit for Bowman's body type; our little man is stout and his thighs are the chunky-est part he's got so it's important the diaper fits well around his thighs without being too tight
  • Well reviewed; I want to use a system that has been well reviewed by other moms
And so I FINALLY made a decision to go with GroVia AI2!

Here is a good demonstration video from YouTube...

To get started, this is what I had to order and if I LOVE how they work I will order more:

  • 2 hook & loop shells (hook and loop means a velcro closure rather than a snap closure at the waist, velcro allows more flexibility than the snap closure)
  • 4 organic cotton soakers (the absorbent portion that snaps into the shell)
  • 2 organic cotton and fleece
  • (for extra dryness protection, lays on top of the soaker)
  • 1 roll of BioLiners (a very thin sheet that lays on top of the soaker, and will wick away moisture yet separate the poopy from the soaker)
  • 1 package of 50 BioSoakers (disposable, biodegradable soaker which can be used in place of the organic cotton soaker and booster)
  • Tiny Bubbles detergent- best for washing the organic cotton components
  • Diaper sprayer: if baby doodoo gets onto a booster or soaker, you use the sprayer to spray the doo off into the toilet. the sprayer connects to the fresh water supply line where the toilet connects to the wall. Yes I could opt for laundry service, and would opt for laundry service in a heartbeat but that would defeat the purpose as the organic cotton would be doused in Clorox and lord knows what other awful chemicals!
  • Nappy Sack: a mesh bag that the used cloth diapers are placed in and when its time to do the laundry the mesh bag is fasted closed and put into the washer, so the diaper components don't have to be re-handled
  • Nappy pail: the pail has a sealed lid and holds the mesh bag that holds the diapers
  • GroVia Magic Stick- not as exciting as it sounds, its a schtick of butt balm but it smells nice. Typical diaper ointments containing petroleum can not be used because they bind to the cotton diaper and block absorption. We'll miss you Aquaphor :(
So wish me luck! I just hope it helps my cubby-love. If anybody out there has any advice please share :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Every parent should watch

This video is very thought provoking. If you have a young child, you owe it to them to take a quick minute and watch. How do you want your child to fit into this picture...

I saw this on a blog I follow and found it too good not to re-post

Saturday, April 23, 2011

My man has some moves

Last Saturday morning we were in Hawaii and discovered Bowman likes to dance. This morning I put Michael Jackson on in the playroom and here's what happened... not so shabby for 9 months!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Before he threw up all over me...

He was oh soooooo adorable..

And then he threw up all over me... and of course all over the bed...

And after that. He was still very completely adorable.

When your blue tie is half soaked with drool... you know it was a very rough day at the office.

First Easter Basket??

Eeeeeek! I just realized that I don't have an Easter basket for my cubby! It's his first Easter and even though he won't know what it is, he MUST have a first Easter basket... at least I can take a cute little picture of him with it! I have an adorable Easter outfit ready for him and and there just has to be a basket to go along. I wish I could waive my magic wand (I also wish I had a magic wand) and have an adorable Easter basket filled with toys like these... so cute they make my cheeks hurt! I have some ideas of where to go tomorrow, we'll see what I come up with :)

Red Car, Shapes puzzle, Sort-a-shape wooden house

Natural wood shapes puzzle, Little bunny, Pinnwheels

Rabbit, Mirrored blocks, Cloud stacker

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Honolulu with Baybo

Last Wednesday morning at 9:30am Bowman and I boarded our Honolulu-bound flight. AJ came to the gate with us to help me with the Baybo and since I was about to embark on a 5-1/2 hour flight by myself with the munchkin, AJ took care of Bowman until it was time to get on the plane.
Bowman was awesome on the plane, he did not cry one time, not even for a second. He fell asleep before the plane took off, slept for the first hour of the flight, and mama got to have her Mai Tai! I swear, this Trader Vic's Mai Tai is the most delicious drink ever known. I've only ever had it when we are Honolulu-bound, which makes it an extra special treat. When Baybo woke up he got a hold of the EMPTY bottle and went to town! He then was awake for 2 hours during which time we ate, played (with toys other than the mai tai bottle, although it was a favorite), changed diaper, played some more and then he slept for the rest of the flight until 15 minutes before we landed. Success!
As it turns out, packing for this trip was a great practice-run for our European adventure coming up in June; it really showed me how much crap I pack and don't use!! I packed two GIANT suitcases (I mean really really big, big enough I could fit in them), both were over 50 lbs! That means I brought over 100lbs of stuff for a FOUR DAY TRIP! Yep. Arrived Wednesday, left Sunday. 110 pounds. I used about a quarter of it, if that. Hey, what can I say, I like to be prepared!! I am going to have to do some serious re-evaluating before I pack for the THREE WEEK trip, or else we are going to need an elephant to cart around our luggage, because at my rate it will weigh a few tons. Not gonna happen :)

Our visit with my parents was so much fun! It was just Bowman, Bobbie and me for the first few days. My dad was at his office in Guam and didn't get there until Friday night. Bobbie and I took Bowman swimming for the first time and he loved it! I braved it in my bikini for the first time in what feels like years, Eeeeek!! I found this little swim suit for Bowman with floats sewn into it. It made him look like he had a turtle shell, so funny!

The floating suit made me feel more comfortable holding him in the water; I was so paranoid about him dipping his face in the water or slipping. All of the blow-up pool/water toys contain Phthalates which are SO bad for little ones to be exposed to, so we didn't use those. The pool water is saline rather than chlorine which was great because it didn't dry our skin out. We took a little bath when we came in for the evening (don't worry, I have my bikini on even though you cant see it very well. trust me we're not going there :) Look at my Mr. Munchkin!

On Friday we had lunch at our favorite spot, on the lanai overlooking the bay at Mariposa in the Neiman Marcus Ala'Moana. Bowman was a perfect gentleman on the lunch date with his ladies, just a few shrieks here and there.

Poppie arrived on Friday night and Bowman was up waaaaay past his bedtime and cried when he saw him :( The next morning everything was better and Poppie played guitar for Bowman for the first time. I have probably watched the video 100 times it is so adorable to me. It really appears Bowman is keeping time with the rhythm.

Saturday we drove out to the North Shore and had lunch at one of our favorite spots. It was a nice little half day out, then back home for relaxing.

Sunday came to fast and it was time to go home. I packed up all 100-pounds of stuff back into the giant suitcases and we headed for the airport to catch our 1:30pm flight back to Sac. I couldn't believe it but Bowman was just a wonderful on the flight back home. Don't get me wrong, I certainly had to work to make sure he was entertained while he was awake but I was equipped with brand new toys he'd never seen before and got them out one at a time. Works like magic! I am so impressed with my son for being such a good-natured guy and taking such good care of his mama on the airplane rides.
He was sooooo happy to see his daddy at the airport. He greeted dada with a grin, a shriek and a big hug... here's the poppa happy to have his cubby home :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

9 Months!

Bowman turned 9 months old this past Saturday, April 19th while we were in Hawaii. Hooray Baybo!!
Coincidentally on this trip he also started doing so many new things. He officially started "clapping" by clubbing his fists together, so adorable. He started dancing. he started waving which is so funny because he flops his entire forearm up and down and grins really big. He started what I call "grab-walking" which is walking along an item he is holding on to like the sofa or table, not just pulling up to a stand.
Over the past several weeks he has developed amazing dexterity in both hands, but seems to take after his daddy and prefer his left hand. He can pick up teeny tiny objects between his thumb and forefinger with great precision and loves to feed himself. As I've written before, he started saying "mama" when he was 5 months old so I knew he was going to be a talker, but now it's like he has his own little language he babbles and garbles constantly and in response when we talk to him.
A few months ago I bought some size 18-24 month outfits for our trip to France in June and not it looks like they are going to be TOO SMALL! Waaaaaaah! my baby is getting big too fast! It sounds silly but I have a really hard time buying such big clothes, I always think to myself "There's no way this will fit him, it looks so big!" I get it home and sure enough. sniffle sniffle, he's that big. Cute cubby!Bowman, you are the most wonderful, adorable-est little human I've ever known!