Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sick as a...

...pomeranian in a Fendi bag!!! aka I have been sick as a DOG(that's my cute little Murphy dog).

It started to set in on last Sunday afternoon, and Tuesday I went to the doctor and had a 102 fever and a terrible sinus infection. I've been one completely miserable mama. Starting Tuesday evening, I've been sleeping downstairs and AJ's slept upstairs in our room with the baby all night, because #1 I didn't want to spread my "disease" onto our sweet son who at 8 months old, still hasn't been sick yet and #2 I have needed every ounce of sleep I could get. I've basically been in bed non stop since Tuesday at 5pm, and I feel about 5% better as of today :( I have big hopes for tomorrow...

I have so many happenings to post about, including a visit we had a few weeks ago with AJ's Aunt Sudi, Uncle Warren and fam. Bowman CRAWLING All over the place like a little puppy and pulling up to a STAND within 4 days of the "real" crawling, TEETHING!! Feeding himself, and a visit from Bobbie and Poppie last weekend while daddy was on a trip. And the Montessori nursery play room we are about to set up for him. Hopefully I'll catch up soon. Countless of ADORABLE photos of the B. Cutest. Sweetest. Ever.

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  1. LOL love your saying “sick as a pomeranian in a Fendi bag” : ) very funny. Hope you start feeling better soon!