Thursday, March 10, 2011

BYB: Bring Your Baby...

Two weeks ago Wednesday, our sweet nanny Caitlin was sick and I had some things that I absolutely had to do at my office, so I just brought the honey-bun with me. He was perfectly content hanging out in mom's office. After a little while I closed my office door and let him crawl around on the carpet (which is brand new and vacuumed frequently) and he had an absolute ball. At home we have only hardwood floors, it was amazing to see how much he got around on the carpet in my office! It made part of me wish we had at least some carpet at home, but then the other part of me was glad we don't because the kid would probably be walking already. ha! The biggest hit were the paper coffee cups I gave him to play with, that bought me a good 20-30 minutes undisturbed. Caitlin was able to come half day on that Thursday and Friday, so he came with me for a few hours on those afternoons as well. It was so much fun to have him with me, and I was absolutely amazed with how much I accomplished! Here he is catching up on his reading while mama worked! He offered to organize my blueprints but probably would eat a few along the way, I politely declined :)

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