Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bath time danger

I interrupt my regular fun/sweet postings about life with Bowman, on a serious note to mama's with little ones:

I get a weekly email from, in this weeks email was a link I clicked that was something like "how to make bath time easier.." this was a comment somebody left on the page that really startled me:

"I just want all moms to be aware of bathing dangers. We recently lost our 11 month old nephew tragically when he drowned in the bath,2weeks before his first birthday. He was bathing with an older sibling and his parent realized they had forgotten to get a towel and within a few seconds he fell under and inhaled enough water to kill him. It could happen so easily and I just wanted to share our story so others may be more aware of the dangers because you don't hear of this very often, just the possibility. We all miss him and are all affected by this loss."

I'm so glad I happened to run across this and so grateful to the person that shared their story. Of course we all know NEVER to leave a baby unattended in a bath tub. I think "unattended" is an under-statement! This baby died after just seconds under water. I think the lesson is never take your HANDS and EYES off of your little one in water. The same thing could have happened with the parent present right next to the tub if they happened to be distracted and look away.

So I just thought I'd share the story and the reiteration of how serious this matter is.

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