Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sick as a...

...pomeranian in a Fendi bag!!! aka I have been sick as a DOG(that's my cute little Murphy dog).

It started to set in on last Sunday afternoon, and Tuesday I went to the doctor and had a 102 fever and a terrible sinus infection. I've been one completely miserable mama. Starting Tuesday evening, I've been sleeping downstairs and AJ's slept upstairs in our room with the baby all night, because #1 I didn't want to spread my "disease" onto our sweet son who at 8 months old, still hasn't been sick yet and #2 I have needed every ounce of sleep I could get. I've basically been in bed non stop since Tuesday at 5pm, and I feel about 5% better as of today :( I have big hopes for tomorrow...

I have so many happenings to post about, including a visit we had a few weeks ago with AJ's Aunt Sudi, Uncle Warren and fam. Bowman CRAWLING All over the place like a little puppy and pulling up to a STAND within 4 days of the "real" crawling, TEETHING!! Feeding himself, and a visit from Bobbie and Poppie last weekend while daddy was on a trip. And the Montessori nursery play room we are about to set up for him. Hopefully I'll catch up soon. Countless of ADORABLE photos of the B. Cutest. Sweetest. Ever.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 16, 2011

Bowman, Baby-pie Honeybun, you are 8 months adorable today!! We love and adore you to the moon and back! Love, Mama and Dada

Thursday, March 10, 2011

BYB: Bring Your Baby...

Two weeks ago Wednesday, our sweet nanny Caitlin was sick and I had some things that I absolutely had to do at my office, so I just brought the honey-bun with me. He was perfectly content hanging out in mom's office. After a little while I closed my office door and let him crawl around on the carpet (which is brand new and vacuumed frequently) and he had an absolute ball. At home we have only hardwood floors, it was amazing to see how much he got around on the carpet in my office! It made part of me wish we had at least some carpet at home, but then the other part of me was glad we don't because the kid would probably be walking already. ha! The biggest hit were the paper coffee cups I gave him to play with, that bought me a good 20-30 minutes undisturbed. Caitlin was able to come half day on that Thursday and Friday, so he came with me for a few hours on those afternoons as well. It was so much fun to have him with me, and I was absolutely amazed with how much I accomplished! Here he is catching up on his reading while mama worked! He offered to organize my blueprints but probably would eat a few along the way, I politely declined :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Napa Part Two

It was three weekends ago but I have to post these photos from our second day in Napa (Feb 22nd), memories I want to keep! I posted Napa Adventure Day 1 two weeks ago :)
We started out with a stop at Oakville Grocery and lunched on baguette, gorgonzola torta, and vino of course!

Then we drove up the road to St. Helena where three of us had a fun time perusing through the shops, one of my favorite things to do :) We found one with adorable goodies for babies and kids, Bowman loved it.

I just like these pretty yellow doors

Then we met up with Granny-Anny, Uncle Jack and Rich at Chateau Montelena in Calistoga. If you've seen the movie "Bottle Shock" this is the winery. Bowman had a great time in the tasting room as you can see!

Baybo got lotsa love from Granny
and Jack while Mama caught up
on her tasting ;)

Special moment with Granny-Anny

During the 15 minute drive from St Helena to Calistoga I snapped these from inside the moving car with AJ's iPhone, it was beautiful!

The weekend was such a fun little adventure and there's just not much better than time with your family members, and I get so much joy in sharing Bowman with loved ones!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Who knew I would turn out to be the sissy? I always thought I would be the "strict"parent if you will. As it turns out, I'm a complete emotional mush-ball when it comes to the tougher sides of being a parent. Starting with day 1 when we brought Bowman home I collapsed in hysteric tears at the sight of skin irritation in his diaper region, diaper rash on his brand new delicate skin. I had 10 tubes of different diaper cream on the changing table, and probably used them all at once. In steps AJ and completely takes over the changing of ALL diaper for the first 3 weeks while mama could get a grip.At 3 weeks when bowman started getting a bit of reflux and cried during eating, I cried too. In steps AJ and takes over bottle feeding the milk I pumped until we got Bowman some relief. Same story with Bowman's circumcision (which was done at 2 weeks per our birth hospitals policy so not to interfere with initial breastfeeding), and vaccinations. AJ is the backbone of the tough stuff.

Now on to night time eating/sleeping; Daddy put his foot down and has taken over the muddled mess I've made of night time. You see 5 weeks ago things were great! At the encouragement of our pediatrician we decided to wean out the middle-of-the-night bottle feedings. However, being that I adamantly disagree with leaving a baby to cry alone, I soothed him through not having a bottle. (Because his nursery is all the way downstairs, Bowman sleeps in a pack'n'play in our room upstairs) After the first 2 nights he was sleeping from 7 to 5am. He did this for 2 weeks and then started with this midnight wake-up out of nowhere. At the same time AJ was out of town for business for the week and I was stressed prepping for an executive board presentation I had at the end of the week, and so I caved. I gave into the midnight bottle, and then came the 2am and the 4am. Next thing, 2 weeks of this had gone by. AJ and I agreed it was time to re-up, the next day he left for an overnight trip and i got hit with the stomach flu. The thing about these night-time wake ups is that he doesn't actually wake up. I just pop the bottle in, he downs a few ounces and is back out. The whole thing lasts about 5 to 10 minutes. But mama was exhausted.

AJ wasn't having anymore of it. He was concerned about me being so exhausted, and he knew his almost 8-month son was able to sleep through the night, he just needed our guidance. So AJ started Friday night (3 nights ago) and sissy-mama slept downstairs. It's like Bowman is so happy all the time that I'm actually afraid of him crying. Probably sounds silly but he really doesn't do real crying like I knew he would if he didn't get the bottle he was used to. It's weird but I feel anxiety over the idea of Bowman being upset so removing myself got me some sleep and avoided some emotional distress. Part of me felt guilty but the 8 hours of sleep was awesome! When I came upstairs in the morning this is what I found:

They made it through the first night and he's been pretty much sleeping through the night since.

But I'm still a sissy. Bowman, you have dissolved my resolve, but look at you! who blame me?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bath time danger

I interrupt my regular fun/sweet postings about life with Bowman, on a serious note to mama's with little ones:

I get a weekly email from, in this weeks email was a link I clicked that was something like "how to make bath time easier.." this was a comment somebody left on the page that really startled me:

"I just want all moms to be aware of bathing dangers. We recently lost our 11 month old nephew tragically when he drowned in the bath,2weeks before his first birthday. He was bathing with an older sibling and his parent realized they had forgotten to get a towel and within a few seconds he fell under and inhaled enough water to kill him. It could happen so easily and I just wanted to share our story so others may be more aware of the dangers because you don't hear of this very often, just the possibility. We all miss him and are all affected by this loss."

I'm so glad I happened to run across this and so grateful to the person that shared their story. Of course we all know NEVER to leave a baby unattended in a bath tub. I think "unattended" is an under-statement! This baby died after just seconds under water. I think the lesson is never take your HANDS and EYES off of your little one in water. The same thing could have happened with the parent present right next to the tub if they happened to be distracted and look away.

So I just thought I'd share the story and the reiteration of how serious this matter is.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The day I *didn't* throw-up on my baby

So Mama got the stomach flu. Big time.

It was Sunday at 4:15PM, AJ had flown to Irvine for Monday meetings, and I was at the house getting ready to go out with Bowman. I had started to feel a little nauseous, which can happen to me from time to time with low blood sugar borderline hypoglycemia issues. I ate a banana and wrote it off.

At about 5:15 Bowman and I were standing in line at our local natural foods grocery store with a few things to pay for... all the sudden... IT was happening... my mouth started to water and seconds later my stomach started to heave. I haven't thrown up in a public place since I was single digits in age, 5 year old maybe 7? Oh my goodness it was happening, I couldn't believe it. I dropped my basked on the floor at the checkout line and bolted toward the restroom with my hand over my mouth. My stomach heaved stronger and stronger, my only saving grace was my hand over my mouth but I knew that would only buy me mere seconds until out it came.

What I haven't mentioned yet is that Bowman was in the FRONT carrier... yes, on me!!!
As I ran with my hand over my mouth and my body involuntarily heaving the contents of my stomach up to daylight, all I could think was "OH MY GOD I'm going to throw up on my BABY!!!" the back of his beautiful blond fuzzy head resting at my chin level, as he enjoyed the exciting ride in his baby bjorn, with no idea about how exciting things were about to get!

Some how by the grace of GOD #1) the bathroom was open; the bathrooms are ALWAYS occupied at this place. I threw my shoulder into the door and it opened, and #2) somehow, I don't know how, I was able to maneuver and twist to move the baby aside as I projectile vomited into the toilet...and perhaps the floor and the wall. These front carrier harnesses are tight, they are supposed to fit snug as you don't want your baby bobbling around unsecured on your body, Bowman was definitely secured tightly on me, I was just one determined mama.

He was hooting & hollering having a good-ol'time as mama puked her guts out. Oh my gosh it was awful but HOORAY!! I didn't throw up on my baby!

I was so sick I couldn't hold down a tablespoon of liquid for at least the next 12 hours. I had a 101.5 fever, my whole body screamed in aching agony and I had terrible chills. Luckily Bowman welcomes bedtime and goes to sleep with ease. I was really scared by myself and called a friend to make sure she'd have her cell phone by her in case I needed to go to the hospital.

I don't know how I survived but I made it until 7:00AM the next morning when our beloved nanny Caitlin came to relieve me. Once Bowman was safe with Caitlin, I took an ambien and a vicodin and got some rest. I was afraid the pills wouldn't stay down but somehow they did and provided some temporary relief from the sleep deprivation and agony that gripped my body.

Lunch today was the first meal that stayed in place, and I still ache something terrible. That's like 96 hours or something ridiculous.

But I didn't throw-up on my sweet baby's precious head!!

...yeah, he has no idea what almost happened ;)