Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Napa Weekend- Saturday

We had such a fun time in Napa Valley over the 3-day weekend! Aj's Aunt Ann (Granny Anny) and Uncle Jack arrived on Friday from Oklahoma City. It was soooooo good to see them! That evening we just relaxed and visited and ordered yummy thai take-out. On Saturday morning we managed to get everything packed up- (from the size of Bowman's suitcase we may as well have been leaving for a month) and out the door by 9:15AM. After a coffee stop we hit the road and made it to Mt. Veeder in about 1 hour 15 minutes.

Granny-Anny and Jack have a dear friend Rich, that lives up at the top of Mt Veeder, and are close with the Yates, owners of the vineyard and winery across the way from Rich.
AJ has been to the Yates several times and has been a member of their wine club for a while now. Anywho long story short, AJ, Bowman and I stayed in the Yates' ranch house while Granny and Jack stayed across the way with Rich.

AJ has stayed at the Yates' place before but this was my first time, it was amazing! It's a big old house surrounded by rolling vineyard terrain in all directions. Here's the view from our bedroom window:

I have to say what an amazing little guy our Bowman is. Never once did he make a fuss, or did we have to change any plans due to baby behavior. Bowman rode up and down the mountain, all around the valley and to each winery with Mama and Daddy. He is an adorable, happy guy that's up for a good time, and has no trouble with nap time here and there.

We started off our Saturday of tasting at Paraduxx where we tasted several of their red blends which. I just not crazy about zin and didn't find any of them particularly thrilling, especially knowing what was coming next. But anytime spent siting round a table surrounded by vineyard, with good conversation is a GREAT time!
Baybo found the Paraduxx tasting room to be rather intriguing :)
Next we headed to St. Helena to see my friend Erin. Erin is the general manager of ACME Fine Wines, an unsuspecting low-profile wine shop with a impressive and carefully curated selection of small production wines. To simply say Erin is knowledgeable would be a significant understatement. She's a true professional and expert. Her passion for what she does is fantastic, she makes wine so approachable and shared countless fascinating tales and nuances behind each different vineyard, and winery the wines she shared came from.
We spent about 4 hours with her, I think she opened about 10 bottles of amazingness.
Erin and I go back to about third grade, and were friends through high school, yes we were cheerleaders together too :) It was really special to see her and I'm so glad she got to squeeze the Baybo! Being only 1-1/2 hours away I wish we saw each other more often!
We headed back to Yates Family for a tasting with... the Yates family! They make the most AMAZING wine! I mean really truly fantastic~ my personal favorite is the Cheval which is 100% Cab Franc, right now AJ's favorite is the Alden Perry which is a Bordeaux blend. They are such nice people and we had a great time with them. Exhausted, we managed to make it to 7:30 dinner at Mustards with Ann, Jack and Richard. Bowman again, did so well, letting out happy shrieks here and there at the restaurant.

And finally off to bed!
We brought Bowman's Pack-n-Play crib and bedding with us and set it up just as it is at home and he slept like an angel (he still sleeps in the pack-n-play in our bedroom at home because our bedroom is and his nursery is downstairs and I'm not comfortable being so far away from him) so the portable crib worked in our favor this time! Here's my fuzzy...

To be continued...Napa Weekend Sunday!

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  1. Alli! Love this, thanks for posting, it was so fabulous seeing you & all of your smiling faces. See you soon, for sure! xoxo - erin