Friday, February 4, 2011

The little prince and his new throne

After researching, reading review after review after review I FINALLY made up my mind on what high chair was right for Bowman.

Without further adieu....

There are many reasons I settled on the Boon Flair:

Reason #1) Numero-uno first and foremost I read countless parent ratings (we're talking hundreds, from several different sites) , written by parents that actually have purchased and own one. From everything I read, 99% of parents LOVE this high chair. It's safe, and their babies' love it too.

Reason #2) I really like the modern look of it! No of offense the typical high chairs out there, but if I have to look at the thing day in and day out, I want to LIKE the way it looks so it certainly was a priority to try and find something that wasn't, well... ugly.

Reason #3) Small foot-print. Relatively speaking, it doesn't take up a huge amount of room. Real estate in our house is a premium commodity and I just don't like the idea of carving out space for a big clunky high chair to have to navigate around.

Reason #4) It wheels! Under the base are 6 casters that glide effortlessly and since all of the flooring in our house is hard wood its super easy to move it about. We can glide him all around the first floor of the house; the wheels make it so easy to feed him in the kitchen or dining room no problem. To lock the wheels in place, simply step down on the lock-break peddle within the chair-base.

Reason #5) Great design! I'm not talking aesthetics, I'm talking function. The height is adjustable with one-step of a button; the base contains a foot button that operates the pneumatic lift up or down (like an office chair), so we can sit at a bar stool in the kitchen or at a chair in the dining room. The tray lifts off with one hand. There are no cracks or crevices for baby-mess get into, and since cleaning isn't necessarily a talent of mine, this is a huge plus.

That pretty much sums up the who's, what's and why's of Bowmans new throne.

PS: I am amused with the fact that I just wrote a post about high chairs. My goodness how things change. For the better!! The Allison I knew 2 years ago would have thought me crazy... ha! what did she know! :~)


  1. Nice blog and very cute pics too. Hope you'll comment and stop by

  2. Allison, sweet highchair! And, most importantly...PRECIOUS BABY! He is so happy! Must meet him soon!