Saturday, February 5, 2011

One lucky mama!

Had a wonderful Saturday with my boys. We lazed around this morning looking at places to stay in Provence, playing with Baybo and relaxing. Realizing how lovely it was outside we headed out to enjoy the sunshine and walked to lunch. I ordered Bowman some infant sunglasses "Baby-Banz" a few weeks ago but hadn't tried them out yet. I knew the only chance of keeping them on him was if he was in the Baby Bjorn carrier where he would be very distracted by his surroundings. He (I imagine like all babies) is very sensitive to the sun and since it's pretty sunny here, I wanted him to be able to enjoy the sights while out for walks during the day, without having to spend his time covered up in the stroller to avoid the bright glare in his eyes. So I put him in the carrier, put the glasses on him with his sun hat and off we went. For the first 10 seconds he tried to mess with the glasses but after that it was as if they weren't there. Success!! Baybo had a great time in his new stylin' shades :)

We got to the restaurant, Bowman ate a bottle and then napped in his stroller while Mama and Daddy enjoyed lunch. He is soooooo good in public, just an all around happy baby guy in general. As we finished lunch he woke up and Daddy took some pics of Baybo and Mama.

It was yet another great day with my guys; amazing husband and precious son. I'm in awe all the time at how blessed I am to be wife and mother.

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  1. I love all the new pictures!!! You look wonderfully beautiful and happy friend!!