Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baybo Jumpin' Bean

We got the hideous Jumparoo contraption before Bowman was 5 months old. I'm so against ugly toys like this thing but I knew (I thought I knew) he would just love it, so against my own tastefulness I bought the damn Jumparoo. Big flop. He's been pretty blasé over it, with about a 10 minute expiration on his interest in the thing. He NEVER jumped in it. To be honest,I was super disappointed over the non-jumping Jumperoo, because I think it's so adorable when they jumpa-jumpa-jump!, with chubby little legs moving to their own spontaneous choreography. As far as I was concerned the no-jump jumparoo was heading for good will, after all it's huge, it's hideous (as I mentioned) and if he doesn't love it, I certainly wasn't going to have it hanging around.

Until AJ sent me this picture and video this evening...

Gee, it sure took him long enough but I think he's getting the idea, and (drats!) I suppose I'll keep it around a bit longer. Are you kidding me? I'd do anything for a smile like this!

We'll have to pull the Johnny-jump-up out to see what he thinks now that its been a while. After the first attempt he wasn't thrilled. Maybe he'll like it too :)

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