Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby-Pie CRAWLED!!!

My Baybo crawled!! Honey bun is 32 weeks today and he crawled! This evening I laid him tummy-down on the rug in his nursery and when I turned back around he was poised for the toy basket...
I just so happened to have my camera RIGHT THERE so I was able to capture the adorableness of Bowman's first real crawl! He started by batting his little arms out toward the toy basket, and next thing his little knees and body were scooting beneath him.

and Success!!
AJ had meetings in LA today and was still flying home I was sad he didnt get to see it first hand but the pictures help :)
Knowing Bowman, he wont do it again for a few weeks. It seems like everytime he does something new and exciting it goes away for a little while and then re-appears for good. Maybe that will buy mama some time for baybo-proofing! We shall see...

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