Thursday, February 10, 2011

6 month check up...Weeeee!

On Wednesday our wonderful gardeners Tim and Debra, hung the swing I ordered for Bowman, from our huge back yard tree with the perfect branch made to hang a swing. As you can see Bowman just doesn't like it one bit. Ha! he LOVES it!!! (photo taken by sweet nanny Caitlin this morning:) We also have them doing lots of other things to make the back yard pretty and baby-ready for spring time. I can't wait!

Today we took him to his 6-month wellness appointment with Dr. Lee. Bowman will be 7 months old next week but due to scheduling for his 4 month check-up he didn't get those shots until he was almost 5 months and I wanted to be sure his next round of shots were spaced the full 2 months apart. We spent about an hour talking with Dr. Lee about anything and everything, he's such a wonderful pediatrician! Bowman is in perfect health, he hasn't been sick at all yet, (im bracing myself for when it happens, eeeek!). Since birth, Bowman has been 95th percentile in weight, length and head circumference and has held steady until our last visit his weight started to slightly taper off. Today his stats were 85th in weight, 95th in length and.....99th in head circumference! People you should see the noggin on this kid!!! To be honest, at 7 months old I'm secretly relieved his weight tapered off a bit, while I absolutely adore those pudgy baby-rolls, he's growing like a weed, stretching out and clearly his metabolism is burning extra fuel to grow the brain in that huge head of his :)

Baybo had to have 4 shots, the most to date :( up until now he's only had 2 injection vaccinations at his appointments and its nice because 2 nurses administor the shots simultaneously, one in each thigh so it's over in a flash, literally about 3 seconds and then daddy swoops him up and he immediately stops crying. But today the 2 nurses did the first round of two and then the second round two. It lasted a total of 5 seconds but he was very offended by those rude ladies poking him! Ouchy! AJ scooped him up into his arms and I sang and danced and shook his toy and he stopped crying right away and smiled. Sweet little guy. I made sure Caitlin gave him a dose of Tylenol an hour before his appointment to help ease any side effect discomfort and then I gave him another dose at bedtime. Here he is just as he stopped crying, after I did my silly mama dance to distract him...

I'm amazed with how much our guy can do: he's been saying "mummmm ma ma ma mom" since Christmas time. Back in November and December I had tried for weeks to get him to say "Mama, maaaaama" but all he would do was "Mmmmmm", and then he started saying "Aaaaaa-ma!" When we were in Alaska for Christmas, my mom and I were shopping at Nordstrom with Bowman in the stroller and out of nowhere, he just started in " Ma Ma Ma Mum Ma" and then he'd throw in a random "Mom!" it stopped me in my tracks! it was so hilarious (obviously I didn't think he knew what he was saying) but he was saying it at barely 5 months! Well then AJ immediately started in with saying "da da da" to him. Just within the past weeks Bowman finally started saying "da-da-da-da-dissss." This week he started saying "dig-dig-dig-dig" and now by the end of the week that has progressed to the most adorable "dig-dig-ding-dig-dag-bag-ding-ding" combinations. Oh my goodness it melts me to pieces. In this video he does it just a little bit, of course I can't ever get the best jabber on camera...

I took this one about 2 weeks ago when he'd started with the "da-da-da da-dissss"

The middle of our bed is no longer a safe place to lay him (because AJ is 6'8" we have a custom sized bed that is 2-feet longer and wider than a California king- its huge and right in the middle has been a great place to lay him for a quick minute. well no more) Little man can speed roll to the edge in zero to sixty. He sits up so well with out teetering or toppling it's almost like it happened overnight all the sudden he's super sturdy.

Although he has displayed teething symptoms since 3-1/2 months, still no teefers for Baybo! A few weeks ago he seemed to be having major discomforts with a-typical fussing and irritability but after a trip to Dr. Lee to make sure he wasn't sick the only explanation could be teething. I was poking around online researching different teething remedies and happened across some discussion about amber teething necklaces. I was intrigued wondering what this was so I looked into it further. I recognized that this is what I'd seen babies here and there wearing, but i never knew why a baby would be wearing a necklace. I remember it most from the you tube video of the baby dancing to Beyonce "Put a ring on it", it thought it was odd the baby was wearing a necklace but now I know what it was! Here's the deal: apparently baltic amber (amber is a resin not a stone), contains high levels of succinic acid. Succinic acid contains analgesic properties known to help with joint pain, arthiritic pain and teething discomfort. Hmmmm really?? I skeptically read countless posts from mothers that swear by their amber teething necklace so I ultimately decided to give it a whirl and went head and got Bowman one, even though I thought it sounded kinda nuts. So I'm not going to go as far as to say the necklace is what did it, however nuts or not, his extra cranky/fussy-ness stopped after about a day of wearing the necklace. That's all I'm saying. As far as the safety concern of a necklace on my baby, this necklace is so tiny and lightweight he has no idea it's there (see photo). This thing is a keeper.

AJ and I have successfully gotten Bowman to sleep through the night without a bottle~ still with NO crying it out whatsoever! but I'll write about sleeping through the night in another post, because speaking of sleep, mama's tired!.

Oh why not, here's the baby dancing video. Can anybody ever get sick of this?? (note his little necklace, just like Bowman's)


  1. hi! stumbled across your blog and i think it's great :)

    i think my little guy is starting to teethe too, and i've heard about those amber necklaces. i'm glad to hear a positive testimonial! maybe i'll try it. question: do you know if it is safe for a baby to actually wear the necklace? and where did you find yours if i may ask?

  2. There is a lady at the YMCA where Sophie takes ballet who has two girls that wear them. One for teething and the other for a hip problem and pain managment. She swears by them. Good luck with teething. He is so handsome and BIG.

  3. @Chelsea: thanks! I'm glad you like my blog :) I did lots of research before buying it and moms that use them say they're safe. Since we got it, Bowman has worn it constantly for 3 to 4 weeks. It's not too tight but not too loose and dangley either. There hasn't been any scenario that i've been concerned it could snag, but we are very aware. It made a big difference for him, and it looks so adorable:) This website has good info about the necklaces but I ultimately bought mine from Let me know if you get one!