Saturday, February 26, 2011

Treasured moments

Basking in the love we share.
You know you're special if you get a Baybo cheek-lick kiss, I can't get enough of these. If you kiss him and say "kiss" this is what he does...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby-Pie CRAWLED!!!

My Baybo crawled!! Honey bun is 32 weeks today and he crawled! This evening I laid him tummy-down on the rug in his nursery and when I turned back around he was poised for the toy basket...
I just so happened to have my camera RIGHT THERE so I was able to capture the adorableness of Bowman's first real crawl! He started by batting his little arms out toward the toy basket, and next thing his little knees and body were scooting beneath him.

and Success!!
AJ had meetings in LA today and was still flying home I was sad he didnt get to see it first hand but the pictures help :)
Knowing Bowman, he wont do it again for a few weeks. It seems like everytime he does something new and exciting it goes away for a little while and then re-appears for good. Maybe that will buy mama some time for baybo-proofing! We shall see...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!


Look how cute my little man is on all fours. He's revving the engine, getting ready to peel out! Eeeeeek! This boy's going to be crawling any day! HELP ME! I need a baby-proofing expert!

Here's a little clip from this past Saturday morning in bed, the GIANT head makes for some extra coordinating. 99th percentile noggin is a doozy :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baybo Jumpin' Bean

We got the hideous Jumparoo contraption before Bowman was 5 months old. I'm so against ugly toys like this thing but I knew (I thought I knew) he would just love it, so against my own tastefulness I bought the damn Jumparoo. Big flop. He's been pretty blasé over it, with about a 10 minute expiration on his interest in the thing. He NEVER jumped in it. To be honest,I was super disappointed over the non-jumping Jumperoo, because I think it's so adorable when they jumpa-jumpa-jump!, with chubby little legs moving to their own spontaneous choreography. As far as I was concerned the no-jump jumparoo was heading for good will, after all it's huge, it's hideous (as I mentioned) and if he doesn't love it, I certainly wasn't going to have it hanging around.

Until AJ sent me this picture and video this evening...

Gee, it sure took him long enough but I think he's getting the idea, and (drats!) I suppose I'll keep it around a bit longer. Are you kidding me? I'd do anything for a smile like this!

We'll have to pull the Johnny-jump-up out to see what he thinks now that its been a while. After the first attempt he wasn't thrilled. Maybe he'll like it too :)

Napa Weekend- Saturday

We had such a fun time in Napa Valley over the 3-day weekend! Aj's Aunt Ann (Granny Anny) and Uncle Jack arrived on Friday from Oklahoma City. It was soooooo good to see them! That evening we just relaxed and visited and ordered yummy thai take-out. On Saturday morning we managed to get everything packed up- (from the size of Bowman's suitcase we may as well have been leaving for a month) and out the door by 9:15AM. After a coffee stop we hit the road and made it to Mt. Veeder in about 1 hour 15 minutes.

Granny-Anny and Jack have a dear friend Rich, that lives up at the top of Mt Veeder, and are close with the Yates, owners of the vineyard and winery across the way from Rich.
AJ has been to the Yates several times and has been a member of their wine club for a while now. Anywho long story short, AJ, Bowman and I stayed in the Yates' ranch house while Granny and Jack stayed across the way with Rich.

AJ has stayed at the Yates' place before but this was my first time, it was amazing! It's a big old house surrounded by rolling vineyard terrain in all directions. Here's the view from our bedroom window:

I have to say what an amazing little guy our Bowman is. Never once did he make a fuss, or did we have to change any plans due to baby behavior. Bowman rode up and down the mountain, all around the valley and to each winery with Mama and Daddy. He is an adorable, happy guy that's up for a good time, and has no trouble with nap time here and there.

We started off our Saturday of tasting at Paraduxx where we tasted several of their red blends which. I just not crazy about zin and didn't find any of them particularly thrilling, especially knowing what was coming next. But anytime spent siting round a table surrounded by vineyard, with good conversation is a GREAT time!
Baybo found the Paraduxx tasting room to be rather intriguing :)
Next we headed to St. Helena to see my friend Erin. Erin is the general manager of ACME Fine Wines, an unsuspecting low-profile wine shop with a impressive and carefully curated selection of small production wines. To simply say Erin is knowledgeable would be a significant understatement. She's a true professional and expert. Her passion for what she does is fantastic, she makes wine so approachable and shared countless fascinating tales and nuances behind each different vineyard, and winery the wines she shared came from.
We spent about 4 hours with her, I think she opened about 10 bottles of amazingness.
Erin and I go back to about third grade, and were friends through high school, yes we were cheerleaders together too :) It was really special to see her and I'm so glad she got to squeeze the Baybo! Being only 1-1/2 hours away I wish we saw each other more often!
We headed back to Yates Family for a tasting with... the Yates family! They make the most AMAZING wine! I mean really truly fantastic~ my personal favorite is the Cheval which is 100% Cab Franc, right now AJ's favorite is the Alden Perry which is a Bordeaux blend. They are such nice people and we had a great time with them. Exhausted, we managed to make it to 7:30 dinner at Mustards with Ann, Jack and Richard. Bowman again, did so well, letting out happy shrieks here and there at the restaurant.

And finally off to bed!
We brought Bowman's Pack-n-Play crib and bedding with us and set it up just as it is at home and he slept like an angel (he still sleeps in the pack-n-play in our bedroom at home because our bedroom is and his nursery is downstairs and I'm not comfortable being so far away from him) so the portable crib worked in our favor this time! Here's my fuzzy...

To be continued...Napa Weekend Sunday!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Peekaboo Baybo

Granny Anny taught Bowman how to play peekaboo with his highchair toy on Friday evening. How adorable is this...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Heading to Napa, Weeeeee!!!

Somebody just told Bowman that we are heading to Napa for a wonderful weekend of wine tasting...

My thoughts exactly Baybo!
He also heard that babies under two taste for free... teeheehee :0

We are leaving to spend the weekend with AJ's Uncle Jack and Aunt Ann (GrAnny Anny)... it's also their fault we're spending 16 days in France this summer. oh the horror :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baybo Food 101

After stalling for a month I FINALLY did it! I jumped into baby-food making with both feet and I feel like I fared pretty well!

There is so much discussion about making your own baby food or going with store-bought. My philosophy on baby food is the same as for my own nutrition, I prefer fresh fruits over pre-cooked and canned. Fresh contains more nutrients and flavor, I mean we've all tasted canned peaches or green beans at some point in our life and while there's nothing wrong with the way they taste, the fresh version tastes so much more flavorful. I also think that baby food should be palatable. I don't know how many parents actually taste the jarred food they feed their babies, and if they don't taste it they should. How can I feed my precious something that makes me gag when I taste it? (jarred sweet potatoes, carrots, and any jarred meat... super yuck!) That's just how I see it.
I've also encountered a lot of dialogue from moms as far as whether they work or stay home and that being a factor on making their own baby food or not, which makes zero sense to me. This reasoning somehow implies that stay-at-home moms have tons of free time on their hands to sit around and make loads and loads of gourmet baby food...huh? Ummmm, the last time I checked, there's one thing for certain about staying at home with a baby/small child is a complete LACK of free time. SAHM's are lucky if they get a shower and their teeth brushed some days, so I just don't think it's fair logic that SAHM's some how have "time" that working mom's don't. I work full-time at a non-profit organization and we have a wonderful SAHN (stay at home Nanny, I just made that up :~) and I'm making my son's food because I want to. It's a choice and a priority. That's all.

So I've had this mental block to beginning my foray into baby food because I couldn't make up my mind on a baby food maker-machine. There are several on the market but I had my reservations with all of them and was stalling on a decision. I finally decided on a mini-Cuisinart food processor, and a steamer basket. I chose this route because I could steam larger quantities of veggies for AJ and I to have on hand for us to eat also.

So with my iPad and baby food books in hand I made a grocery list as we sat at our favorite cafe for Sunday morning coffee (I couldn't resist snapping a pic of our delicious espresso beverages, pictured right). We then went to the Sacramento Food Co-Op, which is much like a Whole Foods, just a little smaller-scale. They have an amazing selection of organic produce and the majority of their produce and meats are from local farmers which is another bonus. So I bought my menu selections and we headed home. While I shopped, AJ took Bowman around in the stroller and Bowman loved reaching out and touching anything/everything he could get his little (not so little actually) paws on.
When we got home I started my Baybo-food project. I was so focused I kept forgetting to take pictures, but I did my best and got a few shots of the process.

Here are the tools I started with:
  • Cute turquoise Cuisinart food processor mini-sized (my big one is to heavy and clunky)
  • Steamer basket
  • Produce wash
  • Baby food books
  • iPad to reference
And these cute little single serving freezer pots made by Vital Baby
Here's what was on the menu:
  • Carrots
  • Rutabaga
  • Broccoli
  • Apples (Red Delicious)
  • Sweet Potato
  • Red Crescent Fingerling Potato
  • Bosc Pears
  • Parsnip
  • Leek
  • Whole Grains: Oat Groats, Hulled Barley, Short-grain Sweet Brown Rice
  • Butternut Squash chunks
  • Sweet Peas (because I draw the line at shelling peas:)
Peel, chop, steam, saute, puree, strain, repeat! I was like the mad scientist in the kitchen...
... and VOILA we have Baybo food!
  • Apple&Pear
  • Butternut Squash&Leek
  • Carrot/Apple/Parsnip
  • Sweet Pea
  • Sweet Potato&Broccoli (not pictured)
  • Whole Grain Cereal (not pictured) a blend of all 3 grains, cooked and strained
Overall it was a good first-run despite the kitchen looking like a fruit and veggie war-zone by the time I was finished. I figured out some ways to streamline thigns and make the process easier, because such a messy ordeal isn't sustainable over the long term.
At first Bowman only liked the apple/pear puree and LOVED the grain cereal, but now he likes the peas and the carrot/apple too! He's warming up to the butternut squash/leek and sweet potato/broccoli but we're not quite there yet...


Drunk Baby

Ok the baby's not really drunk of course! But I ran across this hilarious short film posted on Facebook today. Thought I'd share it for your viewing pleasure... note the fanny pack and the stuffed bra.

Monday, February 14, 2011


I was thinking about Valentines day today, and how this Valentines feels different than the Valentines of my past. I realized that for the first time in.... I suppose ever, I can honestly say that I just don't really care about it. I used to care a lot about Valentines Day but those feelings seem to have evaporated. Another bitter anti-hearts&flowers Bah-humbug? No way! In fact the exact opposite. I am in love with so much in my life and with the love IN my life, that the emphasis of a special "day" isn't needed. I figured the truth is that I pretty much feel like every day is Valentines Day. Eeeesh, that just sounded incredibly cheezey, I know, but its the honest to goodness truth.

The beautiful flowers and the sweet cards he hid around the house were extra special because I wasn't "expecting" or anticipating them at all.

I'm grateful on a daily basis for those I love and those that love me, so on that note, Happy Valentines Day today and every other...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Lullaby

My lullaby for Bowman:

~I will love you for eternity
You'll always be part of me
Forever your mama's
Treasure you will be

So precious to me~

I made it up myself and sing it to him every evening at bedtime
I have a terrible voice but he doesn't seem to mind at all :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

6 month check up...Weeeee!

On Wednesday our wonderful gardeners Tim and Debra, hung the swing I ordered for Bowman, from our huge back yard tree with the perfect branch made to hang a swing. As you can see Bowman just doesn't like it one bit. Ha! he LOVES it!!! (photo taken by sweet nanny Caitlin this morning:) We also have them doing lots of other things to make the back yard pretty and baby-ready for spring time. I can't wait!

Today we took him to his 6-month wellness appointment with Dr. Lee. Bowman will be 7 months old next week but due to scheduling for his 4 month check-up he didn't get those shots until he was almost 5 months and I wanted to be sure his next round of shots were spaced the full 2 months apart. We spent about an hour talking with Dr. Lee about anything and everything, he's such a wonderful pediatrician! Bowman is in perfect health, he hasn't been sick at all yet, (im bracing myself for when it happens, eeeek!). Since birth, Bowman has been 95th percentile in weight, length and head circumference and has held steady until our last visit his weight started to slightly taper off. Today his stats were 85th in weight, 95th in length and.....99th in head circumference! People you should see the noggin on this kid!!! To be honest, at 7 months old I'm secretly relieved his weight tapered off a bit, while I absolutely adore those pudgy baby-rolls, he's growing like a weed, stretching out and clearly his metabolism is burning extra fuel to grow the brain in that huge head of his :)

Baybo had to have 4 shots, the most to date :( up until now he's only had 2 injection vaccinations at his appointments and its nice because 2 nurses administor the shots simultaneously, one in each thigh so it's over in a flash, literally about 3 seconds and then daddy swoops him up and he immediately stops crying. But today the 2 nurses did the first round of two and then the second round two. It lasted a total of 5 seconds but he was very offended by those rude ladies poking him! Ouchy! AJ scooped him up into his arms and I sang and danced and shook his toy and he stopped crying right away and smiled. Sweet little guy. I made sure Caitlin gave him a dose of Tylenol an hour before his appointment to help ease any side effect discomfort and then I gave him another dose at bedtime. Here he is just as he stopped crying, after I did my silly mama dance to distract him...

I'm amazed with how much our guy can do: he's been saying "mummmm ma ma ma mom" since Christmas time. Back in November and December I had tried for weeks to get him to say "Mama, maaaaama" but all he would do was "Mmmmmm", and then he started saying "Aaaaaa-ma!" When we were in Alaska for Christmas, my mom and I were shopping at Nordstrom with Bowman in the stroller and out of nowhere, he just started in " Ma Ma Ma Mum Ma" and then he'd throw in a random "Mom!" it stopped me in my tracks! it was so hilarious (obviously I didn't think he knew what he was saying) but he was saying it at barely 5 months! Well then AJ immediately started in with saying "da da da" to him. Just within the past weeks Bowman finally started saying "da-da-da-da-dissss." This week he started saying "dig-dig-dig-dig" and now by the end of the week that has progressed to the most adorable "dig-dig-ding-dig-dag-bag-ding-ding" combinations. Oh my goodness it melts me to pieces. In this video he does it just a little bit, of course I can't ever get the best jabber on camera...

I took this one about 2 weeks ago when he'd started with the "da-da-da da-dissss"

The middle of our bed is no longer a safe place to lay him (because AJ is 6'8" we have a custom sized bed that is 2-feet longer and wider than a California king- its huge and right in the middle has been a great place to lay him for a quick minute. well no more) Little man can speed roll to the edge in zero to sixty. He sits up so well with out teetering or toppling it's almost like it happened overnight all the sudden he's super sturdy.

Although he has displayed teething symptoms since 3-1/2 months, still no teefers for Baybo! A few weeks ago he seemed to be having major discomforts with a-typical fussing and irritability but after a trip to Dr. Lee to make sure he wasn't sick the only explanation could be teething. I was poking around online researching different teething remedies and happened across some discussion about amber teething necklaces. I was intrigued wondering what this was so I looked into it further. I recognized that this is what I'd seen babies here and there wearing, but i never knew why a baby would be wearing a necklace. I remember it most from the you tube video of the baby dancing to Beyonce "Put a ring on it", it thought it was odd the baby was wearing a necklace but now I know what it was! Here's the deal: apparently baltic amber (amber is a resin not a stone), contains high levels of succinic acid. Succinic acid contains analgesic properties known to help with joint pain, arthiritic pain and teething discomfort. Hmmmm really?? I skeptically read countless posts from mothers that swear by their amber teething necklace so I ultimately decided to give it a whirl and went head and got Bowman one, even though I thought it sounded kinda nuts. So I'm not going to go as far as to say the necklace is what did it, however nuts or not, his extra cranky/fussy-ness stopped after about a day of wearing the necklace. That's all I'm saying. As far as the safety concern of a necklace on my baby, this necklace is so tiny and lightweight he has no idea it's there (see photo). This thing is a keeper.

AJ and I have successfully gotten Bowman to sleep through the night without a bottle~ still with NO crying it out whatsoever! but I'll write about sleeping through the night in another post, because speaking of sleep, mama's tired!.

Oh why not, here's the baby dancing video. Can anybody ever get sick of this?? (note his little necklace, just like Bowman's)