Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Best Gift EVER

On Christmas morning I opened one of the BEST gifts I've ever received. AJ had my full blog to date, made into a book!! It's something I've always planned to do, and one of the reasons I started writing the blog to begin with. But for him to have done it for me and as a complete surprise was just so special!!! He also made some special pages of his own, for the book. Upon opening it, I was just so moved and surprised that it made everybody tear up. I have such a sweet and thoughtful husband and I LOVE it!!

Here are some photos of the book!

Front Cover
Back Cover

The opening page written by AJ
And AJ's special photo pages...

Seeing my years worth of blog posts all together in a 170 page hard-bound book has only encouraged me to keep going, even now that life has reached a new level of busy! The memories are priceless and such a treasure to have them documented this way. I hope someday Bowman enjoys reading them as much as I do writing them for him and our family.

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  1. Friend, thank you for sharing that special gift AJ made for you. It brought happy tears to my eyes to once again see just how special your family is. You and AJ continue to inspire me to hopefully have the kind of marriage you two share. You are both so very special to me:-)