Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baybo's new trick

...since this video of Bowman was taken a month ago while we were in Alaska for Christmas, its not technically "new" anymore, but it was then!! anyway its gosh-darn adorable, too cute not to share...

Love Him

Monday, January 24, 2011

Before & After

Check out what a difference 6 months makes!!! When we were in SF last Monday we stopped at the same look-out that AJ snapped this (top) photo of me back in June, when I was about 20 months pregnant. Goodness, I truly could barely walk at that point, he was literally splitting me in half, no joke! and now... here he is!!! This was the little rascal that was in there giving mama one heck of a time. He's just so darn adorable, I'm so proud of him and honored to be his mama!

184 days: 4,416 hours: 264,960 minutes: 15,897,600 seconds

(I wrote this last Saturday 1-15-11, but didn't post it until today)
184 days or 4,416 hours or 264,960 minutes or15,897,600 seconds... all of those figures are equivalent to 6 months... and that's how old Bowman is as of Sunday, January 16th!! (don't worry I didn't calculate that myself, a website did it for me, there's no way I have that much time on my hands :)

Dear Bowman,
I don't even know where to begin. You are 6 months old and in a way your daddy and I feel like life started all over again when you entered our lives at 12:41 AM on July 16th, 2010. The love that you brought to us and brought out of us is like none other. It's as if you held the key to a place inside that we never new existed, and when we saw you for the first time, that place burst open and filled us with a brand new golden love beyond anything else. Love for you and for each other. A gift from God. You are everything we hoped and dreamed for and so much more than we ever could have imagined. Our sweet Baybo, you are the happiest little guy around. Your smile isnt just any smile, it fills your entire face and radiates out. Your smile IS sunshine. My Bowman Sunshine, I called you that as you grew in my tummy. Even though sometimes your mama tears up and wishes the time didn't go so fast, sniff sniff, I am eternally grateful for every moment with our healthy, robust baby son.
Thank you for the most amazing 6 months, we love life with you.

Celebrating 6-Months

Mama, Daddy and Baybo spent the day last Monday, in San Francisco. It was so much fun having no particular plan or agenda. Happy 6 months to our dear little Bowman!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Best Gift EVER

On Christmas morning I opened one of the BEST gifts I've ever received. AJ had my full blog to date, made into a book!! It's something I've always planned to do, and one of the reasons I started writing the blog to begin with. But for him to have done it for me and as a complete surprise was just so special!!! He also made some special pages of his own, for the book. Upon opening it, I was just so moved and surprised that it made everybody tear up. I have such a sweet and thoughtful husband and I LOVE it!!

Here are some photos of the book!

Front Cover
Back Cover

The opening page written by AJ
And AJ's special photo pages...

Seeing my years worth of blog posts all together in a 170 page hard-bound book has only encouraged me to keep going, even now that life has reached a new level of busy! The memories are priceless and such a treasure to have them documented this way. I hope someday Bowman enjoys reading them as much as I do writing them for him and our family.

Christmas Part #2

(Still getting caught up on my posts!) Christmas Day was lovely! We started the morning out with presents accompanied by mimosas and lil'smokey croissants. Bowman had a blast watching all of the unwrapping, and getting in on some of the action himself. This Christmas Day was so special and had so much new meaning having Bowman to share it with.
Bobbie and Poppie cooked up an amazing feast of king crab and filet mignon. It was delish! The day finished off with everybody cozied up on the sofa, with some Christmas movies :) Here are some photos from our Christmas Day...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Boys

They are my sunshine!!

Christmas Part #1

Things have been such a whirlwind since we returned home form our Winter Wonderland Christmas in Anchorage, it was SO wonderful I have to share details and photos... better late than never!!

We arrived in Anchorage on December 22nd, about 5PM in the evening. It was a balmy... just kidding. It was a FREEZING 2 degrees!! No, that's not a typo. 2. Burrrrrr! Bowman was a DREAM on the plane ride. Thanks to a prepared mama, and during the weeks leading up to the trip I wasn't buying him Christmas presents, I was buying plane-ride presents. I stocked up on brand new toys and saved them for the plane trip. Each new toy fascinated him, and kept him entertained for a while. When he tired of one, I got out another. It worked very well. His ears didn't bother him at all during the take off's. During the descent we could tell when he started to feel it a bit, and if he didn't want his pacifier or bottle AJ and I distracted him with tickle games. Worked like a charm!

Running around the night before our flight, clumsy me, stubbed my toe. really. really. really hard. I hit it so hard it took my breath away and I thought I was going to fall over. It hurt so bad and was throbbing like heck. But I had WAY too much to do so I pushed on. By the next morning it was very swollen, and I was surprised and glad that I was able to fit into my shoes. despite my gimping through the airport, pushing the stroller (which helped me to walk easier because I had somethingg to hold on to with the bonus of forward rolling motion), we made it! I cant believe I'm posting a picture of my ugly foot but here is what my poor toe looked like post-flight. Looks like my toe got into a nasty bar-fight brawl...poor toe lost.

We had such a wonderful time with my family! It was a whirlwind of shopping, laughing, great conversation, warm cozy fires, snow!, amazing food, and LOVE!

Bowman got to spend time not only with his Bobbie and Poppie but also with his Uncle Jordan and Great Grandmother Margaret~ 91 years old! Jordan last saw Baybo at 9 weeks old and Grandmother Margaret last saw him just born!

Bowman adjusted overall really well to the new setting and environment, except for some a-typical fussing sessions. We finally figured out that he wasn't getting solid naps in like he does at home. In a typical day, he has an hour-long walk in the stroller with Caitlin, during which he just chills out and is either quietly awake and relaxed or he conks out for a nap. He gets a second hour long walk in the evening with Daddy and Mama. In Alaska, he obviously wasn't getting this relaxation time in, and started having meltdowns in which he was so tired he wouldn't eat and wouldn't let you lay him down without a freak out! AJ finally figured out the connection to the missing walks and we started taking him for an hours drive. These are some pics I snapped on the iPhone from inside the car during our drives...

Green-eyed Christmas Angel!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hoppy New Year Everybody!!

It's Hoppy because we bought Baybo a jumpy seat this afternoon and he loves it! Baybo started to get the hang of it and AJ and I rolled on the floor with laughter watching him. I was laughing so hard I could hardly hold the iPhone still. It's mounted in the double french doorway of his nursery, which backs up to our little den. I was super bummed because this is the ONLY doorway in our house the jumper could be mounted.  Every other doorway and opening has the historic trim and mouldings and they're about 9 inches high, and the clamp isn't deep enough to fit :(  so its not a great location, but oh well...

Here are the videos in sequence, I hope you watch them all because they are hilarious.  Hopefully I'm not the only one that thinks so, but if I am that's ok to :~)

After all had a ball with the jumpy seat, Baybo was off to bed and daddy and I cuddled and watched some tv, ate dinner with a delish Opus One cab, and then at 11pm he popped a bottle of bubbly! Chandon Etiole rosé that we sipped until midnight.

Now it's off to bed for this sleepy head.

Goodnight 2010. you were simply amazing, life changing in every way! 
Good morning 2011, I am so excited about all the wonderful things you have in store for us!!!