Saturday, December 31, 2011


I have been told numerous times lately how important it is that I document Bowman's language development so we will have it to look back on and will be able to remember his cute little words :)

Our boy said "Mama" at 5 months old, I will never forget it- we were in Anchorage for Christmas 2010 and I was shopping at Nordstorm with my mom and Bowman had just woken from a nap in his stroller. He was full of energy and was babbling all sorts of things and then all the sudden I heard "!" of course he didn't really know what he was saying but it still counts. When we got home from shopping I told AJ what happened and he immediately started saying "Dada" over and over to Bowman :) So we'll call "Mama" his first official word.

Next came Kitty, pronounced "Dee-dee", soon dogs became dee-dee as well. Truck was his third word, which he said on his 1st birthday "guck" after a toy truck.

He is talking so much and new words show up every day but at this point in time here's what we've got so far:

1) Mama
2) Dada
3) Dee-dee (kitty)
4) nana (banana)
5) ball
6) apple
7) doggie
8) sues (shoes)
9) elmo
10) guck (truck)
11) cuck (car)
12) Bobbie (my mom)
13) Pop (my dad)
14) Peep (please)
15) Tee-too (thank you)
16) Tee-cole (candle)
17) Teee! (tree)
18) Dat (that)
19) Baby
20) Bo-bo (bowman)
21) Bup (pumpkin)
22) i gee you (I get you)
23) I do
24) jump up
25) bubbow (bubble)
26) I-pee (airplane)
27) Mow (meow, what kitty says)
28) O-pee (open)
29) Aaaa-Looo (hello)
30) Hi
31) Baa-ba (bye-bye)
32) Beep-beep! (what a truck says)
33) Go ball (throw ball)
34) Mo (more)
35) Bee-ball (basketball)
36) Cacker (cracker)
37) Oh-No!
38) Peee-Nooo (Piano)

Well that was sort of like naming the seven dwarfs, I'm sure there are more words but I can't think of them. So there we have it, the 17 month and 2 week Bo-language :-)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

From Santa...

Out for a cruise on our tricycoo, thanks Santa! Or "tee-koo" as Bowman says.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

This kid loves music!... and basketball

It's amazing but not surprising how musical Bowman is- his attraction to basketball is a little more obvious given his Dada and Grampa Jack, but artistic and musical talent are also in his blood. There is rich history of classical musical talent in my mom's side of the family, and my dad and brother are both very talented musicians, vocally and on the guitar. My daddy played guitar for Jordan and me growing up and we loved it. Now they both play for Bowman and he goes bananas! He learned to play the harmonica in all of about 15 seconds too! We got him a tiny wooden piano for Christmas and his inner Maestro emerged. He went back and forth between dunking the basketball and hammering out a tune on the piano, it was a hilarious! He loves to paint and I can't wait to see his creative, artistic talent develop as well.
He's going to be the piano-playing-NCAA-star-artist-architect! Go Bowman :) I'm just being silly but whatever he does he will be great, and he's going to have many God-given talents to pursue!

Christmas 2011

I haven't had time yet to round up all of the photos we took of Christmas but here are some videos!

We thoroughly enjoyed having Bobbie, Pop and DeeJo (that's how Bowman says "Jordan")with us and I miss them already :-(

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dada took Bowman to the park yesterday evening. Could these pictures be any cuter??

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Dear Superman-baby,
You are THE most adorable super-baby in all the land. I had so much fun making your costume, extra-special made by mama for an extra-special super guy. I had almost as much fun as you had wearing it!! You are the most extraordinary little boy your dada and mama could have ever imagined and we love you very much!
Wonder-mama and Super-dada

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Things Bowman Does...

He plays at the park with his Dada

He reads books in the big chair
Wears his Munchkin coat after dinner when it's chilly outside!