Monday, December 20, 2010

So Far...

Bowman is 5 months old!

Between the blog and a baby journal I keep on the iPad, I write weekly updates on Baybo, how he's growing and changing and developing. I plan to combine it all into a nice baby book for him to have. AJ has one his mother kept for him and it's so much fun to read all that was going on at the different stages.

So Far...

At Birth: 10pounds 5oz 20inches, size 1 diapers
2 weeks: 10pounds 15oz
3 weeks: wearing size 2 diapers
6 weeks: 12pounds 14oz
9 weeks: can sit up in Bumbo seat!
10 weeks: 15pounds 4oz 25.5inches, cooing up a storm, sucking hands a lot
13 weeks: 16pounds 6oz
14 weeks: likes to "stand"
15 weeks: 17pounds 1oz, needs size 3 diapers
15 weeks: introduced formula into his exclusively breast milk diet
18 weeks: rolled from back to tummy for the first time
20 weeks: exclusively eating formula
21 weeks: 19pounds 27.5 inches. He sits up un-supported!!
22 weeks: had first "real" food; strained peas and apples- loved them!! sweet potatoes... not so much. He is so hungry all the time, it's like the kid is ready for "MEEEEEAT!!"

First sweet potatoes, yuck! would prefer to eat the iPhone instead :)


  1. Hi I found you on Bloggy Moms and I'm google following you now. Btw you have a beautiful baby! I just want to squeeze those cheeks. I look forward to reading more post. When you get a chance stop my blog on blogspot and my other blog