Thursday, December 16, 2010

I did it!!!

Without further adieu our 2010 Christmas Card...

I guess it took a verbal bashing from myself to finally get it done. We don't have a great family photo of the three of us that is adequate pixel sizing (thank you iPhone)to use on a card, but who really cares about momma and dada when Baybo is the real star of the show!!!


  1. Hi and thank you for visiting my site! I actually just looked at your yesterday independently before you posted! Small world! Your little guys is so cute! I have to have to ask what is that little outfit Bowman is wearing in the middle left (green ears and eyes?) Is it a dragon because if it is where did you get that??? I have a thing for dragons and its one of the reason why we choose the name Drake. Please come visit us again!

  2. So many cute faces!

  3. Alli, you outdid yourself... with the card and that precious baby!

  4. SO CUTE! Your son is adorable!